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hand book of pulp & paper, paper board & paper based technology

hand book of pulp & paper, paper board & paper based technology
Author: EIRI Books
ISBN: 9788189765095
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The book Hand Book of Pulp & Paper, Paper Board and Paper Based Technology covers

  • Pulpwood Technology,
  • Alkaline Pulping Recovery units,
  • Bleaching Chlorination Stage,
  • Bleaching Alkaline Extraction,
  • Bleaching Hypochlorite State,
  • Hydrosulfite Bleaching,
  • Peroxide Bleaching,
  • Beating and Refining Action Upon Fibres,
  • Consistency Control,
  • Sizing of Paper,
  • Dyeing of Paper,
  • Wet Strength in Paper and Paperboard,
  • Paper Machine Forming Section,
  • Paper Machine Press Section,
  • Paper Machine-Dryer Section,
  • Paper Machine-Automation,
  • Calendering,
  • Felts,
  • Paper Machine Wires,
  • Coated Paper,
  • Finishing and Converting,
  • Corrugated Containers,
  • Boxboard,
  • Paper Testing,
  • Board and Hand Made Paper,
  • Equipment Used in Paper Making Laboratory,
  • Paper and Board Properties,
  • Varieties of Paper Grades and their Properties,
  • Transfer Paper,
  • Teletape Rolls,
  • Toilet Paper Plant,
  • Wall Paper,
  • Wax Coated Paper,
  • Xerographic Paper,
  • Paper Bags and Envelopes,
  • Paper Board Making Plant,
  • Paper Cups for Ice-cream,
  • Paper Cones and Tubes,
  • Paper Draperies,
  • Egg Tray From Waste Paper,
  • Kraft Bag Making Plant,
  • Note Book, Register and File,
  • Napkins and Facial Tissues,
  • Playing Cards,
  • Drinking Straws,
  • Card Board,
  • Corrugated Board and Boxes,
  • Grey Board, Straw Board (Manual Process)
  • Straw Board (Automatic Process),
  • Plant Economics of Carbon Paper,
  • Plant Economics of Coated Paper and Board Plant,
  • Plant Economics of Corrugated Sheet Board and Boxes,
  • Plant Economics of Egg Tray from Pulp,
  • Plant Economics of Exercise Note Book and Register,
  • Plant Economics of Hard Board from Rice Husk,
  • Plant Economics of Hand Made Paper,
  • Plant Economics of Paper Cones and Tubes,
  • Plant Economics of Paper Hand Carrier Bags,
  • Plant Economics of Paper Waste Recycling Plant.

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