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India is the third largest producer, fourth largest consumer of natural rubber and fifth largest consumer of natural rubber and synthetic rubber together in the world. Besides, India is the world's largest manufacturer of reclaim rubber. In fact, India and China are the only two countries in the world which have the capacity to consume the entire indigenous production of natural rubber and thereby obviate the compulsion and over dependence on exports of surplus quantity of natural rubber. The plantation sector with an estimated production of over 630 hundred thousand tones of natural rubber and a projected production of more than one million tones in near future, helps radical and rapid growth of the Indian rubber industry. The growth prospect is further enlarged by a boom in the vehicle industry, improved living standards of the masses and rapid over-all industrialization.

The per capita consumption of rubber in India only 800 grams against 12 to 14 kilos in Japan, USA and Europe. This envisages tremendous growth prospects of the industry in the years to come as India is far from attaining any saturation level, so far as consumption of rubber products is concerned.

Range of Products

The wide range of rubber products manufactured by the Indian rubber industry are -

Auto tyres
Auto tubes
automobile parts
cycle tyres and tubes
cables and wires
battery boxes
latex products
pharmaceutical goods

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