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List of Agriculture Business in the Philippines

A lot of people don't want to engage in soil tilling, dirt shoving and back breaking task in the farming fields because they think it's not worth it, low income, dirty job, no nightlife. Well...think again because the truth is most of the agriculture business in the Philippines are profitable business, a good money maker and enjoyable and exciting career...and yes, farmers have nightlife too!
In this blog post we will talk about one of the money making business ideas in the Philippines; the agricultural business, so go get a cup coffee or a tea, a few cookies to chew and prepare to absorb the information that will help you to decide about your chosen agricultural business.
1.) Hog Raising
Many people use pork meats to cook their favorite viands, actually it is one of the most consumed meat in the Philippines which means there will always be a huge chunk of market for hog raisers.
Piggery business can be one of the most profitable money making idea in the agricultural clout if you know the latest technology for breeding and upgrading the breeds of your swines. With lower mortality rates on piglets and meatier pigs produced in your farm, a much bigger profit is a sure thing. Another thing you need to learn is the proper marketing of your products, as much as possible, avoid the "viajeros" they will buy your produce in bulk for a very cheap price. Learning how to find your own customers who will pay a decent price for your pigs is a much better option.
2.) Poultry Raising
Everybody loves fried chicken! Who doesn't? Poultry meat especially chicken meats have a huge market share in Filipino marketplaces (palengke) and supermarkets. That is why poultry raising is a good money maker especially if you will learn the advance techniques, right now there are chickens who are ready to be sold in less than 45 days! Chickens can also be raised for its egg, and that a different story.
Finding the best supplier of chicks in your area is a must, sturdy chicks means lower mortality rate and higher sales. Next thing you need to learn is the use of the right dosage of antibiotics and vitamins also the proper feeding methods, this way you can save money and resources. Of course learning how to market your farm produce is a must, it will be hard but rewarding in the long run because you will get more profit for your products.
3.) Cattle Raising
Tagged as best source of protein, cattle raising is also considered to be a great money maker because you only need a good pasture which consist of different healthy grass and proper care for your cattles and you will surely get a nice profit worthy of your time especially if you're breeding your own cattle. You can either raise cattle for its meat and raising dairy cow for milk. Both can deliver money in your pocket as long as you learn the methods of taking care of it.
Mastering the breeding methods and upgrading the breed of your cows is a must for maximum profit acquisition. Check out the legitimate cattle breeders in the Philippines that offers AI insemination, this way you can upgrade your cattles. Also learn how to improve your pasture, most backyard cattles gets lack of nutrition from poor grazing, growing different kinds of nutrition rich grass in the pasture can make your cattles healthier and grows faster. Nutrients rich pasture fields is extremely important if you're raising dairy cows, lack of nutrition will halt their milk production.
4.) Goat Raising
Known for being a delicacy in some parts of the country, goat meat is steady gaining popularity in the Metro because of its delicious and tender milk and incredibly healthy milk known to match the nutrient content of mother's milk.
Raising goat in the Philippines is not that hard, just like cattle raising, you need to improve your breed, Boar goat breeds is best suited for meat production while Anglo-Nubian is great milk producer. Since the goats are part of the ruminant family, a steady supply of fresh grass is a must in order to get the maximum nutrition for faster growth and better meat or milk produce. Sell your produce in the marketplace, goat meat have its niche market in big marketplace so if your selling in bulk make sure to find goat meat vendors and offer it to them.
5.) Rice Farming
Every Pinoy eats rice? Have you not? Despite a lot of issues about rice farming in the Philippines being dead because of little support coming from the government, rice farming is still a great agricultural business in the Philippines.
If you want to become a rice farmer but you don't possess a huge ass farming fields then consider renting from other farmers. Some farmers are renting their farming fields, it can add to your operations expenses but it can be recovered once harvest time approaches. To further increase your grain harvest, try visiting International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los BaƱos Laguna, just in front of South supermarket. Learn the most advanced method of rice farming which includes the best variety of rice to grow in a certain weather or irrigation conditions, pest resistant varieties and fruitful varieties. Learning the modern agriculture technology can boost your income in any agriculture business.
6.) Vegetable Farming
Do you have a green thumb? Do you love growing vegetables? Or maybe you're planning to start growing vegetables for profit? Planting veggies is a good agribusiness if you learn how to plant off-season varieties. This way you can avoid selling your products on a dirt cheap price, which means higher profit for aspiring farmer like you.
To ensure a more yields and pest resistant variety, choose a hybrid vegetable seeds from your local seeds supplier. There are many high value vegetables in the Philippines that you can grow some of them are;
Sweet Bell Pepper
Bitter Gourd or Ampalaya
String Beans
Egg Plant or Talong
and more!
7.) Fish Pens
Raising your own catfish, oyster, prawns, pangasius, bangus or tilapia is fun and exciting business, each species needs different environment to grow either fresh or salt water. If you want to start your own fish pen business rhen you must learn a lot about the fish that you want to raise and the desired area where you will put your fish pen.
Since the waters in Bulacan and Cavite area also the Laguna de Bay are not the same 10 years ago, you need to study carefully. Though there are still good waters in other parts of the country that can be suitable for fish pens. Consulting the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources can help a lot if you really want to pursue your fishing business.
8.) Corn Farming
Corn always have a market so it's a good idea to try growing some, a hybrid corns can yield more than ordinary ones so make sure to consult your seeds supplier what hybrid corn seeds are best in your location. You can either grow corn that are used for animal feeds or sweet corn used for human consumption.
It will be better to find someone who will buy your products once harvest time arrive, especially if you're growing on a large scale production and still a newbie. But its much wiser if you will be the one to market your own farm produce, learning the techniques of the "biyahero" and applying it for your own use. This way you can get more profit and enjoy the luxury of being a farmer, remember that agriculture business is not just farming but marketing and proper planning and strategy is also a must.
That's just some of the in demand agricultural business in the Philippines, there are still a lot of profitable agribusiness out there and I will try to find more information about them and update this blog post to provide the freshest ideas about agriculture businesses.
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