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Market Survey

We can prepare MARKET SURVEY REPORTS (RESEARCH REPORTS) on any subject as per your requirements.
Tentative Scope of work for market survey report, Each ‘EIRI’ MARKET SURVEY REPORT tentatively covers:
• Executive Summary
• Introduction
• Objective Of The Study
• Methodology Used
• Product Description, Its Physical & Chemical Properties, Pfa/Fpo / Iso Specification
• Name of the Present Leading Competitors Including their current Set Up. 
• Market Dynamics With Regard To The Cost Of The Product In The Market - 
• Competitive Or Similar Products Already In The Market And Their Demand Profile 
• Prevailing Price Of The Product At The Retail Level -  
• Present Demand And Supply Estimation And Analysis Of Future Trends
• Penetration Of The Product Based On Demographics And Income Patterns
• Future Forecasts For The Product
• Estimated Future Demand In The Next Five Years
• Leading Market Players - Region Wise
• Present Consumption Pattern
• Demand – Supply Gap - Already Covered
• Swot Analysis And Recommendations
 Contact us for MARKET SURVEY REPORTS as we have a group of consultants on various fields who can prepare such studies.
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