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technology of soybean products with formulae

technology of soybean products with formulae
technology of soybean products with formulae
Author: Dr. Himadri Panda
ISBN: 9789380772349
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The book Technology of Soybean Products with Formulae  covers  Soybean Beverages/Drinks, Soy Protein and Juice Beverage, Formulae of Gulab Jamun/Khoya Jamun, Soynut Butter, Soy Paneer, Soya Halwa,  Soybean Jam, Soy Cheese Manufacture, Soy bean Oil Diols Technology, Water soluble Bean based Extracts, Soy based Rice Substitute,  Soy Protein/Casein Coffee Whitener Composition, Soy Hydrolysate, Soy Protein,  Food Raw Materials containing wheat Gluten, Soy Grits and Soy Flour, Gluten Replacement in Food Products, Soy Ink based Art Media, Soy Milk Formulations Wow Butter Formulae,  Healthy Soy nut butter muddy buddies formulae, Soy Desserts Formulations, Health Benefits of Soybean.

Chapter 1
Soybean Beverages/Drinks

Chapter 2
Soy Protein and Juice Beverage

Chapter 3
Formulae of Gulab Jamun/Khoya Jamun

Makes 25-30 jamuns
How I Made It

Chapter 4
Soynut Butter

Chapter 5
Soy Paneer
How to prepare Soya paneer
Soya Paneer Kurma

Chapter 6
Soya Halwa

Chapter 7
Soybean Jam
Comparative Example 1
Comparative Example 2

Chapter 8
Soy Cheese Manufacture

Chapter 9
Soy Bean Oil Diols Technology

Chapter 10
Water-soluble Beanbased Extracts

Chapter 11
Soy-based Rice

Chapter 12
Soy Protein/Casein Coffee Whitener Composition

Chapter 13
Soy Hydrolysate

Production of Soy Hydrolysate
Field Tests to Demonstrate the Activity of Soy Hydrolysate

Chapter 14
Soy Protein

Processing And Products
Lecithinated, Refatted Flour
Soy Protein Concentrate
Soy Protein Isolates
Whipping Proteins
Chemical and Physical
Health Benefits
Health Claim
Protein Quality
White Bread And Rolls
Specialty Breads
Flat Breads
Cake Donuts
Yeast-raised donuts
Sweet Goods
Cookies (Biscuits)
Practical Testing
General Considerations
Yield Increase
Process Parameters
Product Characteristics
Test Results
A baking test laboratory
Pan bread
Flour mill bake test
Arabic bread, flat bread, soft buns
Arabic bread
Soft buns

Chapter 15
Food Raw Materials
Containing Wheat Gluten, Soy Grits and Soy Flour

Chapter 16
Gluten Replacement in Food Products

Polymers with Gas- Retaining Properties
Polymers with Setting Properties
Chewing Gum Base and Corn Zein
Hydrocolloid Treatment
Hydrocolloids and Hydrophobic
Chewing Gum Base,
Corn Zein and Hydrocolloids
Tapioca Starch and Zein or High Amylose Starch
RVA and Rheology Analysis of Gluten
Free Doughs Containing Chewing
Gum Base, Corn Zein, and a Starch
Texture Profile Analysis
Another Texture Profile Analysis
Water Solubility
Total Water Insolubles
Further Modifications
Other Polymers
Polyethylene Oxide
Natural Chewing Gum Base
Natural Chicle Chewing Gum Base
Aqueous Zein
Another Aqueous Zein
Yeast-Leavened Products
Yeast-Leavened Dough X-Ray Analysis of Gluten- Free Bread
Microscopic Analysis of Gluten-Free Bread

Chapter 17
Soy Ink-based Art Media

Soy Oil Comparison Example

Chapter 18
Soy Milk Formulations

Soy Milk Recipe
How to make creamier (thicker) soy milk
Duplicate the taste and texture of commercial soy milk
Soy milk recipe - tastes like Edensoy
Rice Milk
Rice milk recipe #1
Rice milk recipe #2
Rice & sesame milk recipe
Almond Milk
Milk recipes from other nuts and seeds
Dick’s Okara Molasses Wheat Bread
Make Soy Yogurt from soy milk
Soy Yogurt Recipe
Branka’s Soy Yogurt
Soy milk Banana Shake
Okara Burger
Okara Bread
Okara Mochi
Okara Almond Cookies
Mary’s “Chicken” Strips
Orange Soy Milk Smoothie
TJS’ soy milk Sugar Free Egg Nog
Black Bean Okara Burgers
Great Okara
Soya milk
Mini Soya Dosa
Soya Curds
Apple Cinnamon Soya Shake
Soya Mango Falooda
Mango Ice-cream
Blanched Tofu In Soya Milk
Papaya~orange~grape Juice
Mexican-style spicy hot chocolate (Veg)
Sticky chocolate cake (Veg)
Dairy-free rice pudding (Veg)
Mango and lemongrass rice pudding (Veg)
Mango rice pudding (Veg)
Chocolate fudge icing (Veg)
Chocolate brownies (Veg)
Broad bean, lemon and sage dip (Veg)
Red Thai chicken curry with jasmine rice
Onion tarte (Veg)
Top recipe tip
Featured Recipe for Tofu Sabji
Featured Recipe for Grilled Tofu
Featured Recipe for Tofu Mushroom Sauce
Deep Fried Tofu Mushroom Sauce
Pudina pakoda
Recipe for Paneer Butter Masala
Soya Paneer Curry
Soya Paneer Kurma Recipe

Chapter 19
WowButter Formulae

WOWBUTTER Crunch Cookies
WOWBUTTER & Fudge Swirl Pie
Brownies & Squares
No-Bake WOWBUTTER Squares
Candy & Other Treats
Creamy Caramel- WOWBUTTER Dip
Roasted Ginger Salmon With Ginger Soy Butter Sauce
Ginger Soy Butter Sauce

Chapter 20
Healthy Soy Nut Butter Muddy Buddies Formulae

Namkeen Lassi Recipe
Meethi Lassi Recipe
Lemon Lassi
Mango Lassi
Homemade Soy Chips
Homemade Soy Pasta
What Are Soy Crisps?
Chocolate Chip Soybean Cookies Recipe
Soya Crisps (Microwave Recipe)
Extruded thin soybean - Recipes

Chapter 21
Soy Desserts Formulations

Chocolate Chip Bars
Creamy Coconut Pie
Chocolate Brownies
Creamy Cheesecake
Soynut Butter Bon Bons
Cranberry Apple Bars
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Sweet and Sour Apple Sauce
Pasta with Tofu Sauce
Soya Halwa
Soya bean halwa
Vegetarian Keema-Soy Chunks
Soybean Ladoo Recipe
Flour from soybeans
Basic preparation of soy flour or grits - dry heat method
Chef Meg's Nutty Noodles
Soybean Chapati (Bajra Roti Style) Recipe for highprotein diets
Quick Soya Dosas
Soya Paratha
Soya Dahi Vada
Soybean Oil for Soap Making
Infused Soybean Oil Recepis
Orange Soybean Oil Vinaigrette
Linguine with Soybeans and Garlic-Red Pepper Oil
Soybean Dal (Cholay style)
Recipe for high protein diets
Soya Seekh Kebab
Healthy Soya Sandwich
Soya Chana Dal Kababs
Khajur Imli ki Chutney
Soya Tur Dal Roti
Soya Toovar Dal Roti
( Weight Loss After Pregnancy )
Soya Upma
Spicy Red Lentil Dal With Pita Wedges

Chapter 22
Health Benefits of Soybean

Soybean and cardiovascular disease
Soybean and Cancer
Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Colon Cancer
Soybean and menopause
Soybean and osteoporosis
Soybean and diabetes
Soybean and obesity

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