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    Handbook of Food Processing and Dairy Milk Processing Industry - Formulations, Process and Technology

    The Complete Manufacturing Technology Book on Cashew Nut Shell Liquids (CNSL) Derivatives with Cardanol, Particle Board, Wood Adhesives from CNSL, Polyesters from Renewable Cardanol CNSL Biodiesel, Surfactants, Value Added Chemicals from CNSL and Utilization of Waste CNSL.The book covers CNS..
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    The book contains chapters on Introduction, Coconut Cultivation, Engineering an Improved Coconut Processing System, Integrated Coconut Processing, Coconut Water, Biochemical Profile of Coconut Water, Coconut Water Processing using Ultrafiltration and Pasteurization, Benefits of Coconut Water, Coc..
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    The book Technology of ginger, garlic and onions manufacturing (cultivation, extraction, drying and packaging) with processing of ginger, garlic paste, flakes, oil and powder covers Onion(Uses, Properties and Applications), Onion Cultivation, Ginger Cultivation and Processing, Garlic Cultivation,..
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    Complete book on papaya cultivation, processing of papaya, extraction of papain, purification, processed and value added products with packaging technology  The book contains the chapters: Papaya: The growing industry in India, Processing of Papaya, Processed And Value Added Products..
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    A complete hand book on food technology with canning, preservation and dehydration (processing technologies of fruit juices, pickles, banana, ginger paste, maize, pineapple, potato chips, sugarcane syrup, seafood, pulses, vegetable crops, jamun, milk and other allied products)The book covers..
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    the complete technology hand book of tobacco, zarda, kimam, gutka, pan masala, mouth freshner, supari, khaini, nicotine, cigarette, cigar, beedi, saunf, katha/snuff, hookah, and pan chatni with manufacturing processes and formulations
    The book covers Tobacco-Climate, Temperature, Varieties, Selection of Seed, Irrigation, Fertilizer Application, Transplanting Method of Planting, Weed Control, Tobacco Curing and Grading (Cigar Wrapper Tobacco, Chewing and Hookah Tobacco, Cigar Fitter Tobacco, Jati and Motihari Tobacco Natu Tobac..
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    The book contains chapters on Starch (Composition, Production, Modification and Starch Soup), Starch Structure, Manufacture of Starch from Maize (Structure, Composition and Quality), Manufacture of Acetylated Corn Starches, Activated Carbon from Corn Starch for Treating Dye Waste Water, Potato St..
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    The book covers Species and Development of Bee Keeping, Useful Products produced by Bee, Bee-Pasturage, Site Selection, Selection of Beehive and Arrangement of Apiary, Beehive (Sources, Purchase and Precautions), Creamed Honey (Calcium Fortified), Liquid Honey, Honey Beer, Honey with Fruits and N..
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    The book Start Your Own Pulses (Dall) Mill Unit contains chapters on Dehulling and Splitting Pulses, Definitions of Dehulling Efficiency, Major Equipment Used in Pulse-Processing Industry, Milling of Pulses, Pulse-Milling Machinery, Standards for Milling Quality, Technology of Processing Pulses, ..
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    The book contains chapter on Introduction, Physical Characteristics of Honey, Composition of Honey, Grading of Honey, Traditional and Modern Beekeeping, New Uses of Honey, Fermentation of Honey Products, Harvesting and Processing of Honey, Honey Extractor, Honey Processing Unit, Honey and Honey A..
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    MODERN TECHNOLOGY OF AGRO PROCESSING AND FOOD PACKAGNG PRODUCTS WITH PROJECT PROFILES PROCESSING OF GINGER Fresh immature ginger Preserved ginger Fresh mature ginger Dried ginger (saunth) Seed ginger Processing of fresh ginger Types of preserved ginger Preserved gi..
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     Banana Introduction World scenario . Major producing states Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Description of commercial banana varieties Arrival pattern in market Concentrated pockets Criteria and description of grades Harvesting seas..
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