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    agro based and processed food products (hand book)
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    AGRO BASED AND PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCTS Roller Flour Mills Lower Production Costs Through Automation to Govern the Complete Process to Improved Working Conditions for Staff by Ultimate Product Control by Screen Room Mill Quality Assurance F..
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    agro based hand book of cultivation, plantation & farming
    -20 %
    AGRO BASED HANDBOOK OF CULTIVATION PLANTATION & FARMING AONLA Introduction Soil Climate Varieties Propagation Planting Fertilizer Application Irrigation Training & Pruning Intercroping Orchard Soil Management Flowering & Fruiting Pests, Diseases & Physiologic..
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    aloevera cultivation, processings, formulations and manufacturing technology (hand book)
    Bestseller -19 %
    Numerous aloe species around the world are used for conditions ranging from dermatitis to cancer. Aloe gel’s greatest use is as a skin salve and vulnerary for minor burns, abrasions, canker sores and other epithelial injuries. There is growing experimental evidence for its use as an antiviral, an..
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    breakfast, dietary food, pasta & cereal products technology (hand book)
    -12 %
    BREAKFAST, DIETARY FOOD, PASTA & CEREAL PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION TO CEREALS Basic Classification How Cereals are Used A Brief Overview NUTRIENT COMPOSITION OF CEREAL GRAINS Wheat Moisture Protein GlutenLipids Carbohydrates Vitamins Minerals Enzym..
    US $ 162.50 US $ 143.00
    Casting Technology Hand Book
    -18 %
    The book Casting Technology Hand Book  covers  Rules for Casting Design, Melting Furnaces and Refractories, Casting  Processes, Cast Irons, Various Types of Cast Steels, Production of Cast iron Castings, Production of Steel Castings RULES FOR CASTING DESIGN Factors Affecting Cas..
    US $ 110.50 US $ 91.00
    -12 %
    Contents-cum-Index The book Complete Hand Book on Frozen Food Processing and Freeze Drying Technology covers  Freezing of Fruits & Vegetables, Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables, Freezing of Vegetables, Frozen Block Process for Vegetable or Fruit convenience Foods, Method for Producing Fr..
    US $ 390.00 US $ 344.50
    floriculture hand book (hand book of flowers growing technology)
    -10 %
    FLORICULTURE HAND BOOK (Hand book of flowers growing technology) ANTIRRHINUM Importance and Uses Origin and History Morphology and Classification Species. Types and Cultivars Genetics & Breeding Growth & Flowering Propagation Soil and Climate Cultivation Harves..
    US $ 143.00 US $ 128.70
    food processing and agro based industries (revised and enlarged edition) (hand book)
    -16 %
    The book covers: New Developments in Technologies for Food Processing Technology and Market Development in Processing Technology Effective Use of Modern Technologies Increased Impetus on R & D Developments in Packaging Systems & Materials Fre..
    US $ 139.75 US $ 117.00
    fruit beverages and processing with mango products (hand book)
    Bestseller -13 %
    FRUIT BEVERAGES AND PROCESSING WITH MANGO PRODUCTS MANGO   Origin, History and Distribution Area and production Importance and uses Botany Flowering and Fruiting Flower bud Differentiation Pollination Climate Selection of site and ..
    US $ 110.50 US $ 96.20
    hand book of aromatic & medicinal plants and biodiesel (jatropha)
    -13 %
    HAND BOOK OF AROMATIC & MEDICINAL PLANTS AND BIODIESEL (JATROPHA) PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT OF MEDICINAL PLANTS ON FARMS Yield Maximization Maximum Economic Yield (MEY) Plant Population and Crp Yield Plant Population and Geometry Response of Crop Plants to Plant Populatio..
    US $ 156.00 US $ 136.50
    hand book of biotechnology
    -12 %
    HAND BOOK OF BIOTECHNOLOGY BIOTECHNOLOGY: AN OVERVIEW Definitions Historical Background Scope and Importance of Biotechnology Genetic Engineering Tissue Culture Protoplast Culture and Micropropagations Biosensors, Biochips, Biofilms and Biosurfactents Applications of Biote..
    US $ 130.00 US $ 114.40
    hand book of flavours & food colorants technology
    -15 %
    HAND BOOK OF FLAVOURS AND FOOD COLOURANTS TECHNOLOGY FLAVOURS AND ITS STUDY Sample Preparation Isolation of Food FlavoursHeadspace Concentration Isolation of Flavours by Distillation Methods Isolation of Flavours by Solvent Extraction Equipment and Procedur..
    US $ 195.00 US $ 166.40
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