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    hand book of goat farming

    hand book of goat farming
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    The book covers Advantages of Goat Farming in India, Technical Terms Related to Goat Husbandry, Breeds and Breeding of Goats, Feeds and Feeding of Goats,  Management of Goats, Health Care for Goats, Goat Products, Economics of Goat Farming,  Plant Economics of Goat and  Sheep Farming, Plant Economics of Goat Breeding Farming (Mutton Purposes), Plant Economics of Goat Farming and Slaughtering, Goat Farms, Goat Farm Consultants



    Contribution from Goat and Sheep


    Origin and Classification of Goats
    Selection of Stock
    Selection of Stock
    Modified Score Card for Meat Type Goats
    Desirable features for selection of Goats
    Indian Breeds of Goats
    Centres of  Research on Goats
    Quality  of Indian Breeds of Goats
    Cross breeding in goats
    Management of genetic stock resources and upgradation
    Breeding methods
    Proven Bucks and Breeds
    Exotic Breeds of Goats
    Desirable Characteristics of Buck
    Useful Informations for Goat Breeding
    Care of Repeat Breeders
    Clinical Method of Pregnancy Diagnosis
    Principle of Ultrasonography
    Amplitude Depth Ultrasound
    Doppler Phenomenon
    B-mode Real Time Ultrasound
    Vaginal Biopsy
    Immunologic Diagnosis
    Breeding Management of Goats
    Number of Chromosomes of Different Animals
    Economic Traits


    Digestibility of Nutrients
    Nutrient Requirement
    Digestion of Goats
    Digestive Process
    Digestive Orgns in Goats
    Digestion in Goats/Sheep
    Rumen  of Pouch
    Reticulum or Honeycomb
    Omasum or Manyplies
    Abomasum or true Stomach
    Functions of HCI
    Functions of mucin
    Functions of organic subs
    Intestinal Digestion
    Functions of Small Intestine
    Large Intestine
    Care and Management of Kids
    Rearing of Kids
    Birth and growth rate/daily gain
    Feeding schedule for kids
    Feeding growing kids
    Finisher ration
    Slaughter age, weight  of kids and dressing percentage
    Scientific approach of feeding dairy goats
    Freeding Programmes
    Feeding of Carbohydrates
    Dietary fats
    Incorporation of undegradable protein in the diet
    Minerals and Vitamins
    Formulating rations
    Feeding of Goats
    Useful information for feeding of goats
    Feeding strategies
    Feed Intake
    Types of feeds/fodders for goats
    Amount of concentrates for adult goats
    Effect of enhanced preparfum feeding of concentrates
    Feeding system
    Extensive system
    Limitations of range systems/extensive system
    Measures for increasing  potential of range land
    List of suitable Multi Purpose Tree and Shrub Species
    Sei Intensive system
    Intensive system
    Merits and demerits of different systems of rearing goats
    Mineral Mixture for goats
    Nutrients requirements for goats
    Water Requirements
    Conversation efficiency of indigenous breeds of goats
    Feeding management of goats


    Goat Production
    Production Problems
    Housing Management of Goats
    Housing  for goats in rural areas
    Housing for goats in cold weather
    Housing of goats in warm and humid climate
    Conventional sheds
    Loose Housing system
    Management practices for Goats
    Determining Age of Goats
    Hoot Trimming
    Determining Physiological  Norms
    Clean Milk Production
    Method of milking
    Care of doe after kidding
    Kidding of litter size
    Hay Racks
    Cutting the animal
    Protection from cold Draught
    Care  of Breeding Buck
    Care of Pregnant and Lactating Does
    Care of Lactating Doe
    Maintaining Proper Records on Goat Farms
    Housing  Management
    Steeping Habit in Goats
    Method of Restraining Goat
    Calender for Day to Day  Operations on Meat Goats and Sheep (Mutton and Wool) Farm


    Health Cover in Intensive Goat Husbandary
    Emerging Disease
    Viral Diseases
    Bacterial Diseases
    Rickettsial, Chlamiydial and fungal Diseases
    Parastitic Diseases
    Strategies to prevent goat diseases under intensive system
    Diagnosis of Diseases
    Causes of ill health & Mortality
    Factors of Visual Examination to pin Point abnomalities in animal's Health
    Observations tobe made regarding  ill Health
    Control Measures of Disesses
    Control of Parasites
    Control of Acto Parasites
    Control of Endo Parasites
    Use of an Anesthesia in Goats
    Health Management


    Slaughter of Goat, Judgin and Evaluation of Carcess Traits
    Slaughter  Record of Sheep and Goats
    Judging of Carcass of Sheep/Goat
    Carcass Grades
    Goat Milk
    Milk Yield of Goat
    Composition of Goat Milk
    Characteristic of Goat Milk
    Uses of Goats Milk
    Goat Milk can Prevent Bacterial Diseases
    Bacterial Quality
    Meat (Chevon)
    Desirable Features
    Storage and Preservation of meat and meat products
    Main Principles used  for preservation of meat
    Use of chemical preservatives
    reservation by Ionizing Reduction
    Advantages of ionizing radiations
    Mechanism of action of ionizing  radition
    Preservation by Modified Atmosphere
    Quality characteristics of Meat Colour
    Water  Holding Capacity (WHC)
    Texture and Tendemess
    Flavour,Odour and Taste
    Chevon composition
    Goat Skin
    Pashmina and Mohair
    Average production of mohair
    Manure and  Urine


    Economics No. 1
    Capital Expenditure
    Annual non recurring expenditure
    Economic No.2
    Capital Expenses
    Annual capital cost
    Recurring expenditure
    Economic No. 3
    Economics of Goat farming under north Indian condition
    Selection of breed Beetal
    Capital investment
    working capital
    Feeders of Animals
    Concentrates feeding
    Expenditure and income
    Expenditure and Income in Second Year
    Expenditure and Income in IIIrd year
    Expenditure and Income in IVth year
    Expenditure and income in Vth year
    Income from Disposal of theflock land and houses
    Economic No 4
    Economics of Goal Farming with 100 she goats and followers
    Livestock (Jamunapari goats)
    Supply and repairs
    Economic No. 5
    Input Output ratio from Goat keeping
    Loan Repayment and Net Income
    Bank Loan Needed
    Debt can be rapid in 5 years
    Economic No. 6
    Economics of Goat Unit
    Capital expenditure for 1 year
    Income for 1 year
    Second  year
    third year
    Fourth year
    Fifth year
    Summary of expenses year wise
    Summary of Income year wise
    Year wise summary of net income and payment  of Bank Instalments


    Rated Plant Capacity
    Land and Building
    Plant & Machinery
    Fixed Capital
    Raw Materials
    Total working capital/month
    Total capital investment
    Turn Over/Annum
    Profit Sales Ratio
    Rate of Return
    Break Even Point


    Rated Plant Capacity
    Land and Building
    Plant & Machinery
    Fixed Capital
    Raw Materials
    Total working capital/month
    Total capital investment
    Turn Over/Annum
    Profit Sales Ratio
    Rate of Return
    Break Even Point


    Rated Plant Capacity
    Land and Building
    Plant & Machinery
    Fixed Capital
    Raw Materials
    Total working capital/month
    Total capital investment
    Turn Over/Annum
    Profit Sales Ratio
    Rate of Return
    Break Even Point


    Rated Plant Capacity
    Land and Building
    Plant & Machinery
    Fixed Capital
    Raw Materials
    Total working capital/month
    Total capital investment
    Turn Over/Annum
    Profit Sales Ratio
    Rate of Return
    Break Even Point

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