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Disposable and Surgical Products

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Offering Surgical & Disposable Medical Projects:Ayurvedic/Herbal Pharmacy, Blood Bags, Bandage Cloth Weaving On Power Loom, Crepe Bandage, Disposable Surgical Caps & Masks, Dextrose Saline (I.V.fluid) In Plastic Bottle 5932.doc, Dextrose Saline(I.V. fluid), Disposable Needles For Syringes, Disposable Plastic Syringes, Diagnostic Centre, Electronics Blood Pressure Measuring Instument, Hospital Cum Nursing Home, Homeopathic Medicines, I.V. fluids(FFS Technology), I.v. Set-cannula, Intravenous, Medical College, Plastic I.v. Bottles, Plaster Of Paris Bandages, Pharmaceuticals(Tablet, Capsules etc.), Repacking Of Medicines, Surgical Cotton & Bandage, Surgical Examination Glaves, Surgical Bandage, Surgical Adhesive Tape On Cloth Surface, Surgical Methylated Spirit, Sodium Phosphate Enema, Vetenary Medicines.This CD contains Profitable 28 Surgical Project Reports each Project Report covers Introduction, Uses & Application, Manufacturing Process, Market Survey, Project Estimates with Profitability Analysis, Break Even Point, Process Flow Sheet Diagram, Resources of Finance, List of Plant, Machinery and Raw Materials Suppliers, Cost of the Plant & Machinery and Raw Materials along with Suppliers etc.

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