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Handbook of Packaged Drinking Water and Water Based Industries

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Gum Karaya
•            Introduction  •         &..
technology of water and packaged drinking water
Contents-cum-Index Chapter 1 WATER FOR ALL Halving drinking water consumptio..
technology of water and packaged drinking water (hand book)
  Contents-cum-Index   Chapter 1 WATER FOR ALL   Halving d..
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Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. A water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at ambient conditions, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state (water vapor or steam). Water also exists in a liquid crystal state near hydrophilic surfaces. Under nomenclature used to name chemical compounds, Dihydrogen monoxide is the scientific name for water, though it is almost never used.
As the name implies, the mineral water is the purified water fortified with requisite amounts of minerals such as Barium, Iron, Manganese, etc. which can be absorbed by human body. It is either obtained from natural resources like spring and drilled wells or it is fortified artificially by blending and treating with mineral salts. The mineral water shall be manufactured and packed under hygienic conditions in properly washed and cleaned bottles in sterilised conditions.

Unfortunately sufficient safe potable water is not available everywhere in the country, either harmful chemical substances are found in the layers of earth which enter into water or it may be contaminated due to pathogenic micro-organisms. If such water is consumed, the body suffers from water born diseases. Due to this, it has become imperative to process and bottle safe potable water for the mankind in prevailing conditions.

The demand for purified water becomes more during summer season. Although few companies have already entered in the bottling of safe potable water and mineralised water, but still huge gap is there in between demand and supply at all metropolitan-cities and towns. The product is widely accepted in offices, restaurants, railway stations, airport, bus stands, hospitals and to some extent even in rich house-holds.

So there is good scope for establishing the units for processing and bottling plain and mineralised drinking water in different parts of the country.

Water for All, Water, Groundwater Mining, Groundwater Development in India, Freshwater Resources and Their Conjunctive Use, Technologies for Recycling of Waste Water, Recovery of Water from Domestic and Industrial Waste Water, Reverse Osmosis, Water/Effluent Treatment Plant in the Food Processing Industries, Recovery of Water From Non-Conventional Resources, Cooling Water System Management, Waste Water Use, Techniques for Water Conservation in Food and Beverage (F & B) Industry, Plastics Containers for Drinking Potable Water and Regulations, The Great Threat of Poor Quality of Counterfeiting Bottling Water, Water Treatment Using Ozone, Water Conservation by Optimizing Water Use, Non-Conventional Techniques to Remove Heavy Metals from Wastewater, Cooling Water Treatment, Role of Membrane Filtration for Industrial Water Treatment and Wastewater Reuse,
Meeting Water Quality needs Through Multiple Technologies, Use of Ozone in Packaged Drinking Water Disinfection and Purification, How Safe is Bottled Water, Ozone – A Boon to Bottlers, Advances in Membrane Technology for Beverage Water Treatment, Application of Membrane Technology in Water Processing, Ozone - the 21st Century Disinfectant, Manufacturing Mineral Water i.e. Water Containing Sufficient/Required Quantity of Minerals which is Required to Human Bodies, Project Profile on Purified Bottled Water, Technology and Market Trend of Packaged Drinking Water, Mineral Water Plant/ Packaged Drinking Water Plant With ISI Lab and Certification, Mineral Water Plant, Project Profile on Mineral Water, The Use of Distillation Technology in the Bottled Water Industry.

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