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Most Profitable Industries in 4-6 Cr (USD 5,00,000)

First Steps Toward Industry Startup
Before you start any new business or manufacturing unit, you need to identify your skills and what kind of businesses you can start and then you need to calculate investments related to land and building (rented or owned), Cost of Plant and Machinery, Labor Cost, Raw Material and at-least 2-3 Months Working Capital.
Projects having tremendous demand- Prepared by EIRI, India
We at EIRI has recently identified the following most profitable projects (10 Profitable Industries below 5 Lacs) having bright future scope and having tremendous demand in future.

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  1. Starch from Rice
  2. Dry Mix Mortar
  3. Biodegradable Carry Bag & Garbage Bags
  4. Honey Comb Paper Pellets
  5. Toughened Glass
  6. Particle Board from Rice Husk
  7. Activated Carbon
  8. M.S. Ingot (Induction Furnace)
  9. Cattle Feed (Pashu AAHAR)
  10. Biodiesel Production
  11. Essential Oils & Oleoresins
  12. Disposable Diaper Manufacturing Unit (Biodegradable)
  13. Biodegradable Cutlery from Bagasse & Wood Pulp
  14. E-Rickshaw
  15. Aluminium Ingot from Aluminium Scrap
  16. Disposable Plastic Syringes
  17. Dairy Processing Plant
  18. Wooden Doors Manufacturing
  19. Sulphur 80% WDG & Sulphur 90% WDG
  20. Water Park
  21. Modified Starch
  22. PVC & CPVC Pipes & Fittings Manufacturing Unit
If you need any help in creating project report or need any detail related to starting new industry, please contact me
Before you start any industry, you need to get project report prepared. Readers who do not know about project report, let me explain - A Project Report is a document which provides details on the overall picture of the proposed business. The project report gives an account of the project proposal to ascertain the prospects of the proposed plan/activity.
Project Report is a written document relating to any investment. It contains data on the basis of which the project has been appraised and found feasible. It consists of information on economic, technical, financial, managerial and production aspects. It enables the entrepreneur to know the inputs and helps him to obtain loans from banks or financial Institutions.
The project report contains detailed information about Land and buildings required, Manufacturing Capacity per annum, Manufacturing Process, Machinery & equipment along with their prices and specifications, Requirements of raw materials, Requirements of Power & Water, Manpower needs, Marketing Cost of the project, production, financial analyses and economic viability of the project.
Below are few mandatory details you should include in your project report:
  1. Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand,
  2. Market Size,
  3. Statistics,
  4. Trends,
  5. SWOT Analysis and
  6. Forecasts.
Report provides a comprehensive analysis from industry covering detailed reporting and evaluates the position of the industry by providing insights to the SWOT analysis of the industry.
Report should include:
  1. Plant Capacity,
  2. requirement of Land & Building,
  3. Plant & Machinery,
  4. Flow Sheet Diagram,
  5. Raw Materials detail with suppliers list,
  6. Total Capital Investment along with detailed calculation on Rate of Return,
  7. Break-Even Analysis and
  8. Profitability Analysis.
The report should also provides a bird's eye view of the global industry with details on projected market size and then progresses to evaluate the industry in detail.
I hope this help, please keep me posted if you have any query related to industry startup or need any suggestions.
Thank You
Sudhir Gupta
CEO, Engineers India Research Institute
New Delhi, India
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