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Handbook of Starch, Maize, Corn and Allied Products Technology, Process and Formulations

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Starch and Allied Products Manufacturing Technology
The book contains chapters on Starch (Composition, Production, Modification and Starch Soup), Sta..
Technology of Starch Manufacture (Applications, Properties and Compositions with Project Profiles)
In India, maize is a kharif crop with harvests and arrivals due only from September-October onwards. Kharif crop accounts for  over 75 per cent of the entire maize output. Most of the maize produced in the country goes for production of poultry feed. It is estimated that the demand for maize from the poultry industry would rise by about 8 percent. About fourteen states which include Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Delhi account for over 60 per cent of the total maize acreage in the country. Increasing demand from Poultry sector is likely to substantially hike maize consumption to go over 35 million tons by 2025.
The current level of maize yield in the country (2.45 MT/Ha) is far behind the global average of 5.5 MT/Ha, and there is a huge scope for improvement in yield by improving the adoption of hybrids, particularly in traditional maize growing regions. With the increasing demand from feed and starch sector, the overall demand for maize is likely to grow at a quick pace. India has a huge potential to increase its market share and to make its presence felt in the global maize market.
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