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    start your own small business & industry (hand book)

    start your own small business & industry (hand book)
    start your own small business & industry (hand book)
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      Government Policy in SSIs/SBEs
      Limit of Investment
      Government Identification of SBEs/SSIs
      Government  Identification of Small Business Enterprises
      Essential conditions for  growth of SSIs/SBEs
      Industrial Policy Statements & SSIs/SBEs
      Policy Statements Made since Independence
      Salient Features of New Policy
      Thrust  Area for SSIs
      Payment Mechanism
      Factoring  Services
      Rsources for SSIs
      Timely  Adequate Credit
      Nodal Agency
      Marketing Promotion
      Raw Material
      Global View of Small Business
      US Government Policy Towards Small Business
      Small Business in Europe
      Features of Japan's Small Enterprises
      Difference Between a Small & Large Business
      Importance of SSIs/SBEs in the Indian Economy
      Economic Benefits to the Nation
      Role of SSIs/SBEs in Economic Development
      Entrepreneur and Small Business
      Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
      Types of Entrepreneurs
      How to Become an Entrepreneur
      Training & Development Institutions
      Features of Entrepreneurial Training
      Training in Rural Areas
      Entrepreneurial Development Programmes
      Classification of SSIs


      Selecting the Right Project
      Quantitative Models
      Startup Process
      Customer Needs and Expectations
      Customer 'Contract'
      Indentifying the Project constrants
      Kick off Meeting
      Recording Essential Information


      Project Brief and Specification
      Defining the Project
      A Stakeholder List
      A Statement of Requirements
      A Project Objectives Statement
      A Scope of Work Statement
      A Risk Assessment
      Keep your Head Don't go Wildi
      Getting Your Project
      Definition Approved


      A Common Misconception
      Who needs to the involved?
      Where does Planning Start ?
      Identifying the Key Stages
      Top Down Method
      Bottom up Method
      Using the Key Stages
      What must be completed before I can start this work?
      Project Work Breakdown Structure
      Allocating Responsibility
      Record your Allocated  Responsibilities
      Forecasting Durations
      Time Limited Scheduling and Estimates
      Guidelines for Estimating
      Critical Path of your Project
      PERT Critical Analysis Technique
      Analysing the Logic Diagram
      Using the PERT Analysis Data
      Using a Computer
      Analyse Resource Requirements
      Optimising Your Schedule
      Review the Project Risk Log
      Review the Project Budget
      Freezing the Baseline Schedule
      Seeking Approval to Launch


      Preparing for Project Execution
      Confirming Resource Commitments
      Establish a Milestone Schedule
      Have a Cmmunication Plan
      Project Status Reports
      What Meetings do I Need?
      Handing Project Changes
      Hold a Launch Meeting
      Maintaining Plan IntegrityControl Environment
      Design Your Control System
      Monitoring the Progress
      Measuring the Progress
      Managing the issues Arising
      Ranking the issues
      Responsibility: PST or Sponsor
      Responsibility, Project Sponsor
      Responsibility Project Manager
      Resolving Issues
      Tracking Your Project
      Define Completion
      Progress Reporting
      Progress Meetings
      Control the Costs
      Cost Control Measures
      Recording cost Data


      Success Fits well into VLCC
      Sadhana's Inspiration
      Ambani's Greatest Strength
      Penning Luxor's Success Story
      Spectacular Business with Simple Product
      Pan Parag's Success Formula
      Turning Adversity into Prosperity
      From Hired Furniture of HCL Height
      Work and Work
      Force behind BPL Forte
      Nirula's Novelty
      Maruti's Road to Success
      A Housewife's Skill behind Namaste Exports
      Suitcase to a Factory
      Show Business to Big Business  in Fashion
      Bees made Golden Meadows
      A Dart of Success for Blue Dart
      Magic of Can-Do Spirit
      Listen to Business Leaders
      Exciting the Customers
      Technological Leadership


      Small Industries Service  Institutes (SISIs)
      Facilities  offered to SSIs
      Regional Testing Centres (RTCs)
      Tool Rooms/Tool Design Institutes
      Product cum Process Development Centres
      Central Footwear Training Institutes
      Associate Institutions Training
      Salient Features
      Central Government Incentives/Facilities Concessions
      Fiscal Incentives
      How to arrange Finance?
      State Financial Corporation (SFCs)
      National Small Industries
      Corporation (NSIC) and State Small Industries Corporations (SSICs)
      Commercial Banks
      Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDB)
      Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC)
      Covers issued by ECGC
      Additional Useful Information


      Indian Institute of Technology
      Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship & Management
      Centre for Electronics
      Design and Technology
      Haryana Delhi Industrial Consultants
      Small Industries Service Institute
      FICCI Ladies' Organisation
      Small Industries Service Institute
      Burhani Institute of Business Entrepreneurship
      Training Programme on How to Start an Export Business
      National Economic Planning Techniques
      Central Institute of Fisheries Education
      Directorate General of Employment and Training
      Centre for the Development of Glass Industry
      Admission Regulations and General Instructions
      National Council for Cement  and Building Materials
      Central Footwear Training Centre
      Central Leather Research Institute
      Central Silk Board
      Short Term Training Courses at CIFNET
      Central Institute of Plastic Engineering Technology
      Indian Institute of Packaging
      Industrial and Technical Consultancy Organisation of Tamil Nadu Ltd.
      Family Entertainment Centre
      Fortune in Chemical Industries
      Fly Ash Bricks


      Engineers India Research Institute (EIRI) is a renowned name in the industrial world for offering technical

      and financial consultancy services.

      EIRI services are:

      Detailed Feasibility Reports
      New Project Identification
      Project Feasibility and Market Study
      Identification of Lucrative Industrial Project Opportunities
      Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Detailed Feasibility Studies,
      Market Surveys / Studies, Market Survey Cum Detailed Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports
      Project Reports in CD Roms
      Identification of Plant /Process/Machinery and Equipment, Industrial General Guidance for setting up new
      industrial projects.

      Our most up-to-date and Technologically Advanced Industrial Project Reports, categorized with respect to

      Financial Outlays and Sector – wise Classification are immensely useful for :

      Existing Small or Medium Scale Industrialists facing competition from large houses
      Young Entrepreneurs dreaming to start their own industrial enterprise
      Young Graduates and Professionals wishing to begin their career
      Industrialists interested in Debottlenecking  their capacities & New Product – Lines
      Large Industrial Houses pursuing  Expansion, Growth and Diversification Plans


      How to Make Project Report?

      Detailed Project Report (DPR) includes Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand, Technology, Manufacturing Process, Investment Opportunity, Plant Economics and Project Financials. comprehensive analysis from industry covering detailed reporting and evaluates the position of the industry by providing insights to the SWOT analysis of the industry.

      Each report include Plant Capacity, requirement of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery, Flow Sheet Diagram, Raw Materials detail with suppliers list, Total Capital Investment along with detailed calculation on Rate of Return, Break-Even Analysis and Profitability Analysis. The report also provides a birds eye view of the global industry with details on projected market size and then progresses to evaluate the industry in detail.

      We can prepare detailed project report on any industry as per your requirement. 

      We can also modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement. If you are planning to start a business, contact us today.

      Detailed Project Report (DPR) gives you access to decisive data such as:

      • Market growth drivers
      • Factors limiting market growth
      • Current market trends
      • Market structure
      • Key highlights

      Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth:

      • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements
      • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge major competitors
      • An array of graphics, BEP analysis of major industry segments
      • Detailed analyses of industry trends
      • A well-defined technological growth with an impact-analysis
      • A clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

      Need Customized Project Report?

      1. Ask for FREE project related details with our consultant/industry expert.
      2. Share your specific research requirements for customized project report.
      3. Request for due diligence and consumer centric studies.
      4. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Speak to our Custom Research Team

      About Engineers India Research Institute:

      EIRI Board is a single destination for all the industry, company and country reports. We feature large repository of latest industry reports, leading and niche company profiles, and market statistics prepared by highly qualified consultants and verified by a panel of experts.

      Note: We can also prepare project report on any subject based on your requirement and country. If you need, we can modify the project capacity and project cost based on your requirement.

      Our reports provide an expansive market analysis of the sector by covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry as well as comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector.

      Our Approach

      • Our research reports comprehensively cover Indian markets (can be modified as per your country), present investigation, standpoint and gauge for a time of five years*.
      • The market conjectures are produced on the premise of optional research and are cross-accepted through associations with the business players
      • We use dependable wellsprings of data and databases. What's more, data from such sources is handled by us and incorporated into the report

      Why buy EIRI reports?

      1. Our project reports include detailed analysis that help to get industry Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand.
      2. Offer real analysis driving variables for the business and most recent business sector patterns in the business
      3. This report comprehends the present status of the business by clarifying a complete SWOT examination and investigation of the interest supply circumstance
      4. Report gives investigation and top to bottom money related correlation of real players/competitors
      5. The report gives gauges of key parameters which foresees the business execution