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    Casting Technology Hand Book

    Casting Technology Hand Book
    Casting Technology Hand Book
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    Casting Technology Hand Book
    Casting Technology Hand Book
    Casting Technology Hand Book
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      The book Casting Technology Hand Book  covers  Rules for Casting Design, Melting Furnaces and Refractories, Casting  Processes, Cast Irons, Various Types of Cast Steels, Production of Cast iron Castings, Production of Steel Castings



      • Factors Affecting Casting Design
      • Fluid Life
      • Solidification Shrinkage
      • Type of Solidification
      • Volume
      • Slag/Dross Formation
      • Mechanical Factors
      • Common Design Rules


      • Cupola
      • Cold Blast Acid Lined Cupola
      • Construction of the cupola
      • Operational procedure
      • Metallurgical reactions
      • Importance of cupola well depth
      • Factors affecting the efficiency of cupola operation
      • Divided Blast Cupola
      • Cokeless Cupola
      • Hot Blast Cupola
      • Water Cooled Cupola
      • Use Oxygen in Cupolas
      • Rotary Furnace
      • Energy  Furnace
      • Energy Consumption and Heat Transfer
      • Induction Furnace
      • Types of Induction Furnace
      • Ramming materials
      • Cored Induction Furnace
      • Induction Furnace Lining
      • Vacuum Induction Melting
      • Arc Furnace Melting 
      • Bridge Formation
      • Disadvantages of DRI
      • DC Arc Melting Furnace
      • Electrode breakages
      • Scrap mix up 
      • Use of sponge iron/HBI
      • Advantages
      • Applications of Vacuum Metallurgy in Steel Melting 
      • Introduction
      • Hydrogen
      • Nitrogen
      • Vacuum carbon dexidation
      • Fundamental Principles of Reactions Under Vacuum
      • Ladle Degassing by Argon Purging
      • Vacuum Arc Melting
      • Non-consumable electrode arc furnace
      • Consumable electrode vacuum arc process 
      • VOD Process
      • AOD Process 
      • Foundry Refractories
      • Classification of Refractories
      • Refractories for Non-ferrous Melting


      • Shell Process
      • Coating
      • Making Shell Cores/Moulds
      • Evaporative Pattern Casting Process 
      • Centrifugal Casting
      • True Centrifugal Casting
      • Semi centrifugal Casting 
      • Centrifuging
      • Investment Casting
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Die Casting
      • Die Casting Methods
      • Cold Chamber Process
      • Low Pressure Die Casting
      • Cosworth Process
      • Squeeze Casting
      • Semi solid Metal Working Process
      • Technologies for Semi solid Metal processing
      • Rheocasting
      • Thixoforming
      • Rapid Solidification Processing


      • Introduction
      • Types of Cast Irons
      • Gray Cast Iron
      • Melting and Inoculation


      • Pearlitic Steels
      • Austenitic Manganese steel 
      • Effect of Alloy Additions on Austenitic Manganese Steels 
      • Effect of Process Parameters
      • Prevention of Failure 
      • Stainless Steels
      • Austenitic Stainless Steels
      • Heat treatment
      • Martensitic Stainless Steels
      • Duplex Stainless Steels
      • Maraging Steels 


      • Classification of cast Irons
      • Ceemical Composition Effect on structure and Properties 
      • Carbon Equivalent
      • Silicon
      • Manganese
      • Slphur
      • Phosphorus
      • Other Minor and Alloying Elements
      • Types of Graphite
      • Graphite Size
      • Metallurgy of Cast Irons
      • Moulding Practice for Gray Cast Iron Castings 
      • Malleable Irons
      • Moulding Practice for Malleable Cast Irons
      • Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron (Sg Iron)
      • Uses of SG iron Castings
      • Chemical Composition
      • Production Technique 
      • Moulding and Casting Practice
      • Vermicular Iron


      • Classes of Steel Castings
      • Specific Characteristics of Casting of Steels
      • Melting Practice 
      • Moulding Practice
      • Green Sand Moulding
      • Dry sand Moulding 
      • Pouring  Gating and Risering
      • Risering Practice
      • Cleaning and Inspection
      • Alloying Practice for Steel Casting 
      • Heat Treatment of Steel Castings 
      • Annealing
      • Normalising
      • Quenching and Tempering
      • Flame Hardening

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