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    Complete Technology Handbook on Herbal Beauty Products with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Formulations including Project Profiles

    Complete Technology Handbook on Herbal Beauty Products with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Formulations including Project Profiles
    Complete Technology Handbook on Herbal Beauty Products with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Formulations including Project Profiles
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      Complete Technology Handbook on Herbal Beauty Products with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Formulations including Project Profiles

      ISBN: 9788189765750

      Rs. 2200/- 

      Herbal cosmetics is a general definition. Herbal cosmetics contains herbal and natural hair care products, herbal and natural face and body skin care products, herbal beauty care products, herbal and natural personal care products and herbal special cosmetic products.

      In addition to, Herbal And Natural cosmetics covers formulations and production of herbal and natural cosmetics products that are herbal hair care products, herbal cosmetic personal care products and herbal beauty cosmetics products and etc.

      The demand in the herbal beauty products market will grow at approximately 6.1% CAGR. The target market nearly holds ~5.9% share in the overall beauty products industry. Increasing focus on healthy skin and hair and surging demand for natural remedies has positioned the herbal beauty products market. The increased demand for chemical-free hair and skin products along with growing awareness about cruelty-free cosmetics products is supporting the market growth. The significant rise in the influence of social media and beauty blogs that are communicating the benefits of herbal Cosmetics products is likely to influence sales of herbal beauty products. The availability of the various types of herbal beauty products and improving distribution networks are playing a key role to drive market growth.

      Herbal Beauty Products are in high demand on the global market and are a priceless gift from nature. Herbal formulations have always piqued interest due to their high activity and, in comparison to synthetic medications, fewer or no negative effects.

      Herbs and spices have long been used to improve and maintain human beauty. Extensive herbal beauty treatments were once performed in India's royal palaces to heighten sensual appeal and preserve general hygiene. Herbal Oil, Herbal Perfume, herbal conditioner, herbal soap, herbal shampoo, and other herbal cosmetics are created and used on a daily basis. They are gentle on the skin because they are manufactured with botanical components that are high in natural vitamins and antioxidants. With time, they will only make skin healthier and gentler.

      The book covers a wide range of topics connected to Herbal Beauty Products, as well as their formula, i.e., Introduction, Herbal Bath Products Manufacturing with Formulations, Herbal Hair Care Products Formulations, Ayurvedic & Herbal Massage Products Formulations, Herbal Perfumes Production with Formulations, Herbal Alta (Taral Alta) Dye Manufacture with Formulations, Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturing with Formulations, Herbal Skin-Care Products Production with Formulae, Ayurvedic and Herbal Products for Treatment, BIS Specifications, Plant and Machinery, Plant Economics of Ayurvedic Medicines, Plant Economics of Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit [Shampoo, Cleanser, Cream], Plant Economics of Cream Based Products and Perfume, Plant Economics of Herbal Extract and Essential Oil, Plant Economics of Toilet and Herbal Soap.

      Chapter 1


      Product and its Application

      Preparation of Herbal Cosmetics

      Regulatory status of Cosmeceuticals

      Cosmeceuticals - cosmetics or drugs

      Manufacturing process


      Colouring Ingredients

      Açaí berries 





      Blue Tansy


      Butterfly Pea


      Carrot Root

      Chamomile (German)

      Dyer's Rocket












      Red Cabbage

      Red Clover

      Red Sandalwood




      Sea Buckthorn



      St. John's wort







      Benefits of Herbs in Beauty

      Herbal cosmetics can have many benefits

      Advantages of herbal cosmetics over synthetic

      Natural Products

      Safe and Effective to Use

      Suitable For All Skin Types

      Not Tested On Animals

      No Side Effects

      Wide Selection


      Chapter 2

      Herbal Bath Products Manufacturing with Formulations


      Bath Soap Manufacturing Process

      The Herbal Bath

      Bathing benefits

      The right ingredients

      Floating Herbal Bath Oils 


      Floating Aromatic Bath Oil Formulas


      Dispersing Bath Oils

      Dispersing Bath Oil Formula 

      Formula 2

      Dispersing Bath Oils

      Recipe for a blooming bath oil

      Dispersing Bath Formula 1

      Dispersing Bath Formula 2

      Herbal Bath Vinegar

      Herbal bath vinegar recipe: 


      Two-Layered Bath Oil

      Marula Luxurious Dual-Action Bath Oil

      Nourish Luxurious Dual Layer Bath Oil



      Aromatic Bath Salts

      Formula 1

      Formula 2


      Salt Ratios

      Bath Salt Blends

      Formulas to Make Bath Salts

      Bath Salt Basic Process


      Aromatic Additives

      Nutritive Additives

      Color Additives


      Benefits of Bath Oil for Skin Care

      Favorite oils to use in bath oil blends


      Herbal Combinations

      Steam Baths

      Benefits of a steam bath

      Types of steam bath

      Solid surface

      Stone line

      Ceramic coating



      Key elements of a steam bath

      Foot or Hand Bath

      Making Herbal Bath Salts, Oils & Tea Soaks

      Bath Salt Soak

      Aromatic Bath Oil Formula


      Herbal Tea Bath

      Bath Oil Formula 


      Bath oil fragrance

      Formulation of lemongrass essential oil

      Dispersing Bath Oils

      Formula DIY anti-inflammatory bath tea

      Formula of DIY soothing bath tea

      Herbal Body Powders


      Aromatic Baby Powder Formula

      Lavender Sunrise Body Powder Formula

      “Ooh! Ah!” Foot Powder”

      Mood Boost Bath Formula

      Muscle-Soothing Bath Formula

      Relaxation Bath Formula

      Chapter 3

      Herbal Hair Care Products Formulations

      “Normal” Hair

      Dry Hair

      Causes of dry hair

      Oily Hair


      Classification of Shampoos

      The Action of Shampoo on the Hair

      Herbal Shampoos

      Benefits of herbal shampoos 

      Formula for herbal dry powder shampoo

      Formulation of Herbal Shampoo

      Herbal Hair Rinse Recipes

      Herbal Hair Rinse for Dark Hair

      Herbal Hair Rinse For Blond Hair

      Herbal Hair Rinse for Red Hair

      Herbal Hair Rinse for Dry, Brittle Hair

      Herbal Hair Rinse for Oily Hair

      Rosemary Hair Rinse Formula

      Mint and Fenugreek Rinse Formula

      Chamomile Hair Rinse Formula

      Rosemary and Lavender Hair Rinse Formula

      Rosehip and Chamomile Hair Rinse Formula

      Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse Formula

      Compopsition of Herbal Hair Mask

      Benefits of Using Herbal Hair Rinses?

      Lice Treatment Formula


      Head Lice Formula 1

      Head Lice Formula 2

      Head Lice Formula 3

      Head Lice Formula 4

      Head Lice Scalp Oil and Rinse

      Calm Scalp Formula


      Baldness Treatment Formula

      Aloe vera

      Coconut oil


      Onion juice

      Rosemary oil

      Geranium oil


      Hair growth formulation


      Nail Care

      Specific Measures Related to Nail Care

      Intermediate Nail Care

      Advanced Nail Care

      Natural deodorants

      Formula for natural deodorant 

      Chapter 4

      Ayurvedic& Herbal Massage Products Formulations

      Some of the examples of massage oils

      Legal Implications and Safety Precautions

      Extra Touches

      Formulas of aromatherapy massage oil

      Western Science

      Benefits of Oxytocin

      Light-Touch versus Deep-Pressure Massage for Back Pain

      Special Types of Massage

      Cellulite Massage

      Massage Blend Formula 1:

      Massage Blend Formula 2:

      Anti Cellulite Massage Oil for Skin


      Pregnancy Massage

      Benefits of pregnancy massage

      Oil for a Pregnant Belly 1

      Oil for a Pregnant Belly 2

      Muscle Massage

      Massage oil formulas for relieving muscle pain

      Lavender and Peppermint Massage Oil

      Eucalyptus and Rosemary Massage Oil

      Ginger and Lemongrass Massage Oil

      Chamomile and Frankincense Massage Oil

      Lavender and Chamomile Massage Oil

      Peppermint and Eucalyptus Massage Oil

      Ginger and Orange Massage Oil

      Rose and Ylang-Ylang Massage Oil

      Frankincense and Myrrh Massage Oil

      Facial Massage

      Types of facial massage

      Benefits of Facial Massage

      Formula of face cream formulation

      Baby Massage

      Herbal Baby Oil Formula

      Tummy-Rub Oil Formula

      Spot Massage and Liniments

      Formulaof pain-killing massage oil 


      Aromatherapy essential oil liniment formula

      The Herbal Therapy Massage

      Some herbal therapeutic massages:

      Herbs used in herbal therapeutic massages include:

      Aromatherapy Massage Oils Formulas

      Moisturizing Massage Oil

      Breathe Happy Massage Oil

      Relaxation Massage Oil

      Elevate My Mood" Massage Oil

      Sore Muscle Massage Oil

      Stress Free Citrus Massage Oil

      Sore Joint Massage Oil

      Headache Helper Massage Oil

      Ease Tension Massage Oil

      Mental Fatigue Massage Oil

      Rejuvenating Massage Oil

      "Pick Me Up" Massage Oil

      Stiff Muscle Massage Oil

      Deep Sleep Massage Oil

      Good Digestion Massage Oil

      Goodnight Massage Oil

      Monthly Blend Massage Oil

      Post Workout Massage Oil

      Good Morning Massage Oil

      Youthful Glow Massage Oil

      Romantic Blend For Him Massage Oil

      Romantic Blend For Her Massage Oil

      Heart and Circulation

      Features of Circulatory System

      Organs of Circulatory System


      Double Circulation

      Circulation of blood in humans – Double circulation

      Blood Vessels



      Functions of Circulatory System

      Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbs for Varicose Veins

      Ayurvedic Therapies for Varicose Veins

      Digestive Tonic Tea Formula

      Natural Ginger Ale Formula

      Bowel Problems

      Liver Tonic Formula 1

      Liver Tonic Formula 2

      Herbal Adjuncts 

      Respiratory System

      Homemade Nasal Inhaler

      Disinfectant Room Spray

      Throat Spray/Gargle

      Vapor Balm

      Simple homemade vapour rub Formula

      Formula 1

      Formula 2

      Formula 2

      Menthol Eucalyptus Balm


      Musculoskeletal System

      Pain Formula

      Formulation of  herbal pain balm

      Nervous System

      Relaxing/Antidepressant Formula

      Neuralgia Relief Formula

      Glandular System

      Adrenal Support Formula

      Urinary Tract

      Bladder Infection Relief Formula

      Reproductive System

      PMS and Menstrual Cramps

      Menstrual Cramp Oil Formula

      Yeast Infections

      Yeast Relief Formula

      Vaginal Bolus

      Bolus Recipe

      Poor Circulation

      Sitz bath benefits

      Castor-Oil Pack


      Nine Essential Oils for Women’s Complaints




      Prostate Oil Formula

      Male Hormonal Tonic

      Miscellaneous Complaints

      Cuts and Scrapes

      Genital-Wart Oil Formula

      Fungal Infections

      Antifungal Powder

      Soak Those Pups Formula


      Herpes Formula

      Rashes Caused by Poisonous Plants

      Poison Oak/Ivy/Sumac Formula

      Insect Bites and Other Critter Attacks

      First-Aid Remedy Formula

      Clay Poultice Formula

      Insect-Aside Bug Repellant Formula

      Cootie Oil Formula

      Inflammation and Burns

      Sunburn Spray Formula

      Boosting Immunity

      Basic Immune Tonic Blend Formula


      Tummy-Rub Oil Formula

      Neck Wrap Formula

      Ears and Eyes

      Aromatherapy Ear Rub Formula

      Herbal Ear Oil Formula

      Chapter 5

      Herbal Perfumes Production with Formulations


      Assessing Consumer Acceptance

      Handkerchief Essences

      Compound Essences



      Sir Walter Scott

      Essence Jasmine

      Glori Daucher

      Kiss Me Quick I

      Kiss Me Quick II

      Jockey Club

      Jockey Club, A (English Formula)

      Jockey Club, B (French Formula)

      Jockey Club, C (German Formula)

      Jonquille (Extrait De Jonquille)

      Musk Rose

      Essence Victoria

      Queen Victoria’s Perfume

      Eau Victoria

      American Beauty

      Essence Tuberose Lily

      Essence Rose

      Rose Water (Eau De Rose Triple)

      Extract of Rose (Extrait De Roses Triple)

      Essence Of [Oil Of] Rose (Esprit De Roses Triple)

      Extract Of China Roses (Essence De Roses Jaunes)

      Nizam Monte Cristo



      Jung Bahadur

      Jubilee Rajanigandha



      Cananga Kusum

      Lily Blossom

      Chandra Mallika

      Cherry Laurel


      Cashmere Bakul


      Cherry Vanilla

      Bouquet Empress

      Prince Rose



      Viceroy Verbena

      Essence Bouquet

      Napoleon Lily




      Bridal Bouquet

      Oriental Bouquet I

      Oriental Bouquet II

      Oriental Bouquet III

      Oriental Bouquet IV

      Essences and Extracts

      Extract Of Cassie (Extrait De Cassie)

      Tincture Of Ambergris (ExtraitD’ambregris)

      Tincture Of Benzoin (Extrait De Benjoin)

      Essence Of Bergamot (Extrait De Bergamotte)

      Tincture Of Castor (Extrait De Castoreum)

      Tincture Of Musk Seed (ExtraitD’ambrette)

      Essence Of Bitter Almond (ExtraitD’amande)

      Essence OfCalamus (Extrait De Glaïeul)

      Essence Of Cedar (Extrait De Cèdre)

      Tincture Of Cedar (Extrait De Bois De Cèdre)

      Essence Of Citronella

      Essence Of Lemon Grass (Extrait De Schoenanthe)

      Extract Of Lilac (Extrait De Lilas)

      Extract Of Honeysuckle (Extrait De Chèvre-feuille)

      Essence Of Geranium

      Extract Of Cucumber (Extrait De Concombres)

      Extract Of Heliotrope (Extrait De Héliotrope)

      Extract Of Jasmine (Extrait De Jasmin)

      Essence Of Lavender (Extrait De Lavande)

      Extract Of Wallflower (Extrait De Giroflé)

      Extract Of Lily (Extrait De Lys)

      Essence Of Lemon (Extrait De Limon)

      Extract Of Magnolia (Extrait De Magnolia)

      tincture of musk (extrait de musc)

      extract of myrtle (extrait de myrte)

      Extract of Narcissus

      1. Extract of narcissus (extrait de narcisse)

      2. Extract of jonquille (extrait de jonquille)

      Essence Of Clove (Extrait De Clous De Girofles)

      Extract Of Pink (ExtraitD’œillet)

      Extract of orange flower or neroli (extrait de fleursd’oranges, extrait de néroli)

      Essence OfPatchouly (Extrait De Patchouli)

      Tincture Of Balsam Of Peru (Extrait De Pérou)

      Essence Of Allspice (Extrait De Piment)

      Extract Of Sweet Pea (Extrait De Pois De Senteur)

      Extract Of Reseda (Extrait De Mignonette)

      Essence Or Extract Of Rose (Extraits De Rose)

      Rose Water (Eau De Rose Triple)

      Extract of rose (extrait de roses triple)

      Essence of [oil of] rose (esprit de roses triple)

      Extract of china roses (essence de roses jaunes)

      Extract of sweet-brier (wild rose) (extraitd’eglantine)

      Extract of Moss-rose (Extrait De Roses Mousseuses)

      Extract of Tea-rose (Extrait De Rosa Théa)

      Extract of White Rose (Essence De Roses Blanches)

      Extract of Twin-roses (Essence De Roses Jumelles)

      Extract of santal (extrait de santal)

      Tincture of vanilla (extrait de vanille)

      Extract of Violet (Extrait De Violette)

      Chapter 6

      Herbal Alta (Taral Alta) Dye Manufacture with Formulations

      Mode of Preparation





      Cherry Laurel










      Chapter 7

      Herbal Cosmetics Manufacturing with Formulations

      Herbs Used in Cosmetics/Cosmeceuticals



      Dandruff treatment

      Skin Protection


      Essential oils


      Herbal hair tonic/oil formulation

      Formulations of herbal hair oil

      Formulation of Herbal Hair Oil


      Formulation of Herbal Hair Oil

      Hair Lotions

      Cream formulation of cocoa pods

      Millefleurs Lotion

      Cantharides Lotion

      Hungary Lotion

      Odour Delectabilis

      Lavenia Lotion

      Hair Stimulating Lotion I

      Hair Stimulating Lotion II

      Hair Stimulating Lotion III

      Hair Stimulating Lotion IV

      Hair Stimulating Lotion V

      Hair Stimulating Lotion bb VI

      Formulation of Multipurpose Herbal hair cream


      Formula of Natural Lipsticks with their prescribed ingredients and quantity - Quantity (gm)

      Formulation 1-method of preparation

      Formulation 1 ingredients

      Formulation 2-method of preparation

      Formulation 2 ingredients

      Formulation 3-method of preparation:

      Formulation 3 ingredients

      Formulation 4-method of preparation

      Formulation 4 ingredients

      Formulation 5-method of preparation

      Formulation 5 ingredients

      Formulation 6-method of preparation

      Formulation 6 ingredients

      Formulation 7-method of preparation

      Formulation 7 ingredients

      Formulation 8

      Formulation 9

      Formulation 10

      Formulation 11

      Formulation 12


      The Mode of Preparation

      Natural Hair Wax Formula I

      Method of manufacture

      Formula II

      Formula III

      Formula IV

      Formula V

      Formula VI

      Formula VII

      Formula VIII

      Formula IX

      Formula X

      Formula for Medium Hold Pomade:

      Formula for Firm Hold Pomade:

      Pomade A La Rose

      Pomade A La Jasmine

      Vanishing Cream

      Formula 1 of Vanishing Cream 

      Formulation 2 of Herbal Cream

      Formula 3

      Formula 4

      Formula 5

      Formula 6

      Formula 7

      Formula 8

      Formula 9

      Formula 10

      Formula 11

      Formula 12 of vanishing cream formulation

      Formula 13

      Formula 14

      Formula 15

      Cold Cream

      Composition of Herbal Cold Cream

      Formulation table for herbal cold cream (for 100gm)

      Formulation of cold cream

      Formulation of herbal Cold Cream (for 1000g)

      Formulation of Herbal Cold (HC) Cream


      Face Powders

      Aloe vera, multanimitti and neem – ayurvedic face wash for clear skin

      Formulation of Face Pack

      Talcum Toilet Powder

      Face Lotion

      Formula 1

      Formulation 2

      Formulation 3-5

      Sun Burn Lotion

      Recipe for a homemade sunscreen

      Ingredients used in formulation

      Ingredient of sunscreen preparation (50 gram)

      Herbal Sunscreen Formulations

      Hair Curling Lotion

      Composition of cream

      Preparation of Hair Styling Gel

      Formulations of Herbal Hair Oil/Lotion

      Formulation 1: Hot Maceration

      Formulation 2: Cold Maceration

      Nail Polishes


      Formulation Table (1 to 9)

      Formulation Procedure

      Finger-tip Colouring

      Freckle Lotion

      Rouge Sticks

      Hair Fixative

      Formulas for preparation of herbal hair gel

      Non-Greasy Hair Cream

      Cream formulations of cocoa pods

      Cantharides Hair Wash

      Formula of prepared shampoo

      Formulation of Moringa Herbal Shampoo

      Coconut Oil Shampoo Formula

      Lime Juice Cream Formulas

      Lime Juice Glycerine Formulas

      Wrinkle Remover

      Bindi Liquid

      Formulas (1 to 4)

      Bindi Stick

      Liquid Brilliantine

      Chapter 8

      Herbal Skin-Care Products Production with Formulae

      Cleansers Formula

      Composition of Anti-acne face wash gel of polyherbal extract

      Formulation table for different batches

      Formula For Herbal Face Wash

      Cleanser Formulations

      Dry-Skin Cleansing Solution

      Herbal Skin-Care Products

      Oily-Skin Cleansing Solution Formula


      Facial Scrub Formula

      Herbal Scrub for Teenage Skin Formula

      Facial Steams

      Relaxing Facial Steam

      Cleansing Facial Steam 1

      Clearing Facial Steam 2

      The Basic Formula

      Herbal face gel toner Formula

      Facial Masks Formulas

      Mask for Dry skin Formula

      Mask for Oily Skin

      Mask for Acne Skin

      Herbal Face Pack for Acne-Prone Skin and Dull Skin

      Intensive Treatment for Acne

      Mask for Combination Skin

      Exfoliating Mask for All Skin Types


      Formulation Table

      Herbal face gel toner Formulas

      Formulation of face toner

      Toner for Oily or Problem Skin

      Toner for Dry or Mature Skin

      Astrigent lotions for all skin types

      Herbal Body Lotion

      Formulation of Herbal Moisturizer

      Lemon Astrigent Lotion

      Nutmeg Astrigent Lotion

      Sandalwood Astrigent Lotion

      Rosemary Astrigent Lotion

      Witch Hazel Astrigent Eation

      Peppermint Astrigent Lotion

      Anti-dandruff preparations

      Formulation of Herbal Anti-Dandruff lemon/neem preparation

      Night creams

      Garlic night cream

      Formulations of natural ingredients

      Cream With Peptides

      Apple night cream

      Almond night cream

      Nourishing creams/Day time creams

      Marigold Nourishing Cream

      Herbal Cream from AzadirachtaIndica Ethanolic Extract

      Multipurpose Herbal Cream Formulas

      Anti-wrinkle cucumber cream

      Anti-wrinkle Apricot cream

      Sunscreen lotions for all types of skin

      Composition of herbal sunscreen formulations

      Formulation of herbal extract based cream

      Formulations of sunscreen lotion

      Lime complexion lotion

      Lavender complexion lotion

      Almond complexion lotion

      Sesame complexion lotion

      Brooke lime complexion lotion

      Lime shampoo

      Lavender shampoo

      Sandalwood shampoo 1

      Sandalwood shampoo 2

      Neem shampoo

      Methi-shikakai shampoo 1

      Methi-shikakai shampoo 2

      Face packs for dry skin 1

      Face packs for dry skin 2

      Egg face pack

      Formulation of egg face pack

      Face pack for oily skin

      Cucumber face pack 1

      Cucumber face pack 2

      Face pack for patchy skin

      Peppermint face pack

      Red Elm face pack

      Skin toning lotions

      Topical Skin Care Formulation 1

      Topical Skin Care Formulation 2

      Sunflower skin toning lotion

      Cleansing creams/cold creams

      Formulation of Wal nut Cleansing cream

      Herbal cold cream Formulation

      Chamomile cleansing cream

      Oatmeal cleansing cream

      Face packs or Face masks

      Face packs for normal skin

      Bail Fruit face pack

      Apricot face pack

      Herbal Tooth Paste

      Formulation of Ginger Toothpaste

      Formulation of herbal toothpaste

      Formulation of polyherbal toothpaste 1

      Formulation of polyherbal toothpaste 2

      Arodent gum & dental paste

      Herbal Soap

      Formula [1]

      Medimix - Herbal Soap

      Sualin - herbal tablet for cough & cold

      Herbal Cosmetic embodiment containing aloe vera

      Description of the Preferred Embodiment 

      Skin Therapeutic Mixture Containing Aloe Vera Extract

      EXAMPLE #1

      EXAMPLE #2

      EXAMPLE #3

      Decongestant Composition Containing Aloe Vera


      Therapeutic Skin Lotion

      Therapeutic Skin Gel

      Therapeutic Body Cleansing Lather

      Herbal Tooth paste containing aloe vera

      Chapter 9

      Ayurvedic and Herbal Products for Treatment

      Activation of Blood Circulation Composition:

      Anaemia & Weakness Composition

      Anaemia & Weakness

      Anaemia & Weakness (Anaemia in Pregnant Women)

      Analgesic & Antiinflammatory

      Anthelmintics (Antiameobic, antiworms)

      Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial

      Anti Histaminics

      Arthritis & Rheumatism

      Asthma Bronchitis

      Asthma Bronchitis + Allergy

      Asthma Bronchitis

      Brain Tonic-1

      Brain Tonic-2


      Chronic Constipation

      Chronic Fever


      Cold and Cough

      Cough & Cold


      Dental Diseases




      Diarrhoea & Dysentery

      Epilepsy & Hysteria

      Eye Tonic

      Female Disorders

      Female Sterility

      Fever & Cold


      Fractures & Dislocation of Bones 1

      Fractures & Dislocation of Bones 2


      General Health Tonic-1

      General Health Tonic-2

      Hair Problems

      Heart Tonic

      High Blood Pressure-1

      High Blood Pressure-2

      Hyper Acidity & Peptic Ulcer


      Indigestion & Lack of Appetite-1

      Indigestion & Lack of Appetite-2

      Intestinal Worms







      Liver Tonic-1

      Liver Tonic-2

      Male Sterility







      Prostate Enlargement

      Sexual Debility

      Skin Diseases & Allergy

      Respiratory Congestion


      Stones in Urinary Tract

      Throat Diseases

      Thyroid Problems


      Throat Diseases

      Urinary Infection



      Vigor & Vitality-I

      Vigor & Vitality-II

      Vigor & Vitality-III

      Vigor & Vitality-IV




      Blood Purifier

      Brain Tonic

      Common Cold

      Cough & Cold

      Dental Problem




      General Health

      Heart Tonic-I

      Heart Tonic-II

      Indigestion & Lack of Appetite


      Iron-Calcium Tablets

      Lactation in Animals


      Liver Restorative-I

      Liver Restorative-II


      Muscles and Bones


      Obesity & Strengthen Heart Muscles


      Urinary Stones and Crystalluria


      Vitality & Power



      Baby Health Tonic

      Baby Massage Oil


      Blood Purifier

      Breast Tone Up Gel

      Bronchial Asthma

      Burn Ointment


      Cold and Cough Cream

      Cough Reliever-I

      Cough Reliever-II

      Cough Reliever-III


      Female Disorders

      General Health Tonic


      Liver Restorative

      Memory Tonic

      Piles Ointment-I

      Piles Ointment-II

      General Skin Care Cream

      Hair Dry Shampoo

      Skin Stretch Ointment

      Mouth Ulcer Cream

      Skin Powder

      Anthelmintic Powder


      Skin Diseases

      Balachatur Bhadraka

      Heart disease

      KumariAsava (Use in Ashtma)

      Amritashtakapachana (Dysentry, diarrhoea)

      Demulcent in Irritation


      Rheumatism and Gout

      Skin diseases/Malaria

      Ulceration of Skin

      Chronic Diarrhoea/Dyspepsia


      Heart Diseases/Leprosy

      Nervous Diseases/Rheu-matism/Lumbago

      Disordered Mensuration

      Flatulency, Diarrhoea, Vomiting

      Irritation & Fever

      Remittent fevers

      Bronchitis & Pneumonia

      Fevers, Melancholia

      Diaphoretic and Diuretic Tonic

      Diseases of Genito-Urinary Organ

      Urinary Disorders

      Fever, Diarrhoea/Dysentry


      Cough and Asthma

      Fever and Cough


      Facial paralysis

      Jaundice & Anasarca

      Hemiplegia & Facial Paralysis

      Diuretic and Demulcent Mixture

      Relieve Pain of Inflammatory Swellings


      Cathartic and Anthelmintic

      Chronic Dysentry and Diarrhoea

      Diarrhoea, Dysentry

      Lotion for Wounds & Ulcers

      Skin Diseases



      Leucorrhoea & Paralysis

      Ulcers & Gonorrhoea

      Dysentry Combined with Vomiting and Hiccough

      Nervous Headache, Flafulence

      Eczema and Pityriasis

      Diarrhoea/Dysentry/Internal Piles

      Nervous Debility/Impotency

      Dry Cough

      Leucorrhoea/Seminal Weakness

      Skin Diseases




      Bright’s Disease


      Herbal Tonic

      Nervine tonic


      I. Relieves Swellings

      II. Reduces Uteral Inflammations

      III. Reduces Malignant Scrofulas

      IV. Relieves Itching

      Bowel Tonic

      Cephalic Tonic

      Curative for Spermatorrhoea


      Facial Paralysis I

      Facial Paralysis II


      Useful in Leprosy

      Useful in Piles

      Anti-Rheumatic and Antiarthritic

      Prevent Abortion

      Liver Tonic

      Expels Atones, Oxalic and Uric Acid Crystals from Kidney

      Anaesthesia and Numbness

      Internal Inflammations

      Nervine, Semenagogue

      Useful in Asthma


      Aperient & Analgesics

      Curative for Leucorrhoea

      Leucorrhoea and Uteral Pain

      Stomachic & Cathartic

      Relieving Constipation


      Relief in Headache and Cold


      Antisyphilitic Agent and Coolant

      Blind and Bleeding Piles

      Blood Pressure

      Blood Purifier


      Cerebral Tonic

      Ceretoral, Liver and Stomach Tonic

      Cough and cold

      Digestive, Appetizer

      Digestive, Carminative, Appetizing

      Enhances Retentive Power

      High Grade Retention Agent

      Kidney and Gall Bladder Tonic

      Nephritis & Diuretic

      Prophylactic Against Fever

      Relief in Asthma

      Relieves Headache

      Stomachic, Appetizing

      Sex Harmones Restorative

      Stomach and Bowel Pains

      Tonic for Heart, Brain and Liver

      Cardiac, Cerebral and Liver Tonic

      Liver and Spleen Tonic

      Tranquillizer and Antifibrilliant

      Facial Paralysis

      General Tonic

      Chapter 10

      BIS Specifications

      Chapter 11

      Plant and Machinery

      Chapter 12

      Plant Economics of Ayurvedic Medicines

      Land & Building

      Plant & Machinery

      Fixed Capital

      Working Capital Requirement/Month

      Total Capital Investment

      Turn Over/Annum

      Chapter 13

      Plant Economics of Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit (Shampoo, Cleanser, Cream)

      Land & Building

      Plant & Machinery

      Fixed Capital

      Working Capital Requirement/Month

      Total Capital Investment

      Turn Over/Annum

      Chapter 14

      Plant Economics of Cream Based Products and Perfume

      Land & Building

      Plant & Machinery

      Fixed Capital

      Working Capital Requirement/Month

      Total Capital Investment

      Turn Over/Annum

      Chapter 15

      Plant Economics of Herbal Extract and Essential Oil

      Land & Building

      Plant & Machinery

      Fixed Capital

      Working Capital Requirement/Month

      Total Capital Investment

      Turn Over/Annum

      Chapter 16

      Plant Economics of Toilet and Herbal Soap

      Land & Building

      Plant & Machinery

      Fixed Capital

      Working Capital Requirement/Month

      Total Capital Investment

      Turn Over/Annum

      How to Make Project Report?

      Detailed Project Report (DPR) includes Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand, Technology, Manufacturing Process, Investment Opportunity, Plant Economics and Project Financials. comprehensive analysis from industry covering detailed reporting and evaluates the position of the industry by providing insights to the SWOT analysis of the industry.

      Each report include Plant Capacity, requirement of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery, Flow Sheet Diagram, Raw Materials detail with suppliers list, Total Capital Investment along with detailed calculation on Rate of Return, Break-Even Analysis and Profitability Analysis. The report also provides a birds eye view of the global industry with details on projected market size and then progresses to evaluate the industry in detail.

      We can prepare detailed project report on any industry as per your requirement. 

      We can also modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement. If you are planning to start a business, contact us today.

      Detailed Project Report (DPR) gives you access to decisive data such as:

      • Market growth drivers
      • Factors limiting market growth
      • Current market trends
      • Market structure
      • Key highlights

      Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth:

      • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements
      • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge major competitors
      • An array of graphics, BEP analysis of major industry segments
      • Detailed analyses of industry trends
      • A well-defined technological growth with an impact-analysis
      • A clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

      Need Customized Project Report?

      1. Ask for FREE project related details with our consultant/industry expert.
      2. Share your specific research requirements for customized project report.
      3. Request for due diligence and consumer centric studies.
      4. Still haven't found what you're looking for? Speak to our Custom Research Team

      About Engineers India Research Institute:

      EIRI Board is a single destination for all the industry, company and country reports. We feature large repository of latest industry reports, leading and niche company profiles, and market statistics prepared by highly qualified consultants and verified by a panel of experts.

      Note: We can also prepare project report on any subject based on your requirement and country. If you need, we can modify the project capacity and project cost based on your requirement.

      Our reports provide an expansive market analysis of the sector by covering areas like growth drivers, trends prevailing in the industry as well as comprehensive SWOT analysis of the sector.

      Our Approach

      • Our research reports comprehensively cover Indian markets (can be modified as per your country), present investigation, standpoint and gauge for a time of five years*.
      • The market conjectures are produced on the premise of optional research and are cross-accepted through associations with the business players
      • We use dependable wellsprings of data and databases. What's more, data from such sources is handled by us and incorporated into the report

      Why buy EIRI reports?

      1. Our project reports include detailed analysis that help to get industry Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand.
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      3. This report comprehends the present status of the business by clarifying a complete SWOT examination and investigation of the interest supply circumstance
      4. Report gives investigation and top to bottom money related correlation of real players/competitors
      5. The report gives gauges of key parameters which foresees the business execution