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    Complete Technology Handbook on Toys Production (Plastic, Wooden, STEM, Battery-operated, Paper, Soft, Puzzles) with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Project Profiles

    Complete Technology Handbook on Toys Production (Plastic, Wooden, STEM, Battery-operated, Paper, Soft, Puzzles) with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Project Profiles
    Complete Technology Handbook on Toys Production (Plastic, Wooden, STEM, Battery-operated, Paper, Soft, Puzzles) with Detailed Manufacturing Process and Project Profiles
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      Welcome to the "Complete Technology Handbook on Toys Production," a journey through the enchanting world of creating joy, imagination, and wonder through toys. This book is your key to unlocking the secrets of the toy industry, offering insights into the production of a wide range of toys, including plastic, wooden, STEM, battery-operated, paper, soft toys, and puzzles. Join us on this exploration as we delve into the fascinating realm of toy-making.

      Toy Industry: A Vibrant Spectrum

      Our journey begins with a comprehensive understanding of the toy industry. From the historical roots of playthings to the current market dynamics, we explore the multifaceted world of toys. Uncover the role of gender in toy design and manufacturing, and examine the cause-and-effect relationship between toys and child development. We also shed light on the Indian toy manufacturing industry, its growth, government policies, and the advantages of establishing a manufacturing unit in the Toy City.

      Smart Toys for Every Age: Nurturing Young Minds

      Toys have a profound impact on a child's development, and our book explores this connection by categorizing smart toys for different age groups. From babies to big kids, discover how play helps children learn and grow. The perfect toy is one that stimulates creativity, encourages learning, and provides endless hours of fun. We aim to guide you in creating toys that resonate with the developmental needs of children.

      Start a Toy Manufacturing: From Imagination to Reality

      Turning your toy-making dreams into reality is no small feat. This section provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to start a toy manufacturing business. It begins with the creative process of toy design, offering insights into brainstorming, sketching, creating prototypes, and finding the right manufacturers. Learn how to manage your supply chain, from procurement to delivery, and retail your toys to eager customers. Your journey towards becoming a toy manufacturer starts here.

      Future of Toy Industry: Innovations on the Horizon

      The world of toys is evolving with exciting technological advancements. Dive into the future of the toy industry, where artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and 3D printing are changing the way children play and learn. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding these emerging trends and technologies.

      Wooden Toys Manufacturing: A Return to Tradition

      Wooden toys have stood the test of time. In this section, we explore the art of crafting wooden toys, including the required equipment and the myriad benefits they offer for children's education and development. Discover the production process, from air drying to the finishing touches that make wooden toys timeless, durable, and environmentally friendly.

      Step by Step Guide on Registering a Toy Manufacturing Business: From Idea to Enterprise

      If you're considering entering the toy manufacturing business, this guide offers a comprehensive roadmap. Understand the business structures suitable for toy manufacturing in India, learn about the necessary documentation, and explore registration processes. We aim to simplify your journey towards realizing your toy manufacturing dreams.

      Battery-operated Toy Car Industry: Powering Playtime

      The world of battery-operated toys is an exciting realm, and this section offers insights into the electronic toys business. From ideation to retailing, it covers the key steps involved in creating battery-operated toy cars. Explore the market perspective for electronic toys, design considerations, raw materials, and the essential machinery needed for production.

      As you navigate through the chapters of this handbook, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the toy manufacturing process, from conception to delivery. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer with a dream, this book is your companion on the journey to bringing joy to the lives of children through the magic of toys.

      The book contains chapters: Toy Industry, Smart Toys for Every Age, Start a Toy Manufacturing , Future of Toy Industry, Wooden Toys Manufacturing, Step by Step Guide on Registering a Toy Manufacturing Business , Battery-operated Toy Car Industry, Manufacturing of Plastic Toys, Toy Manufacturing Process, Remote-Controlled Car Technology, Production of Plastic Toys Technology, Plastic Doll Manufacturing Technology, Teddy Bear Manufacturing Technology, Toy Model Kit Manufacturing, STEAM-based Technology of Toys Making, Soft Toys Manufacturing, Jigsaw Puzzle and Manufacturing, Paper Toys Manufacturing, BIS Compliances, Schemes, and Incentives for Toy Manufacturing, Toy Standards International and National , Testing and Safety Regulations, Plant Economics of Kids Ride on Battery Operated Cars and Bikes Manufacturing Unit, Plant Economics of Plastic Toys (Electric And Non-Electric), Plant Economics of Remote Car Toy, Plant Economics of Stem Toys Manufacturing Unit, Plant Economics of Toy Car Manufacturing and Life Size Battery Operated Toy Cars, Plant Economics of Toys Manufacturing Unit, Plant Economics of Wooden Toys, Toys Manufacturing Unit, Plant Economics of Wooden Toys.

      Chapter 1

      Toy Industry 

      Market Dynamics of the Indian Toy Trade 

      History of toys 

      Gender and toys 

      Cause and Effect Toys 


      Facts about Indian Toy Manufacturing Industry 

      Government policies for development of toy industry 

      Benefits of Having Manufacturing Unit in Toy City 

      Indian toy industry – “SWOT analysis” 





      Technologies required for competitive toy industry 

      Chapter 2

      Smart Toys for Every Age 

      Babies: How They Play 

      Smart Toys for Babies 

      Toddlers: How They Play 

      Smart Toys for Toddlers

      Preschoolers: How They Play 

      Smart Toys for Preschoolers 

      Big Kids: How They Play 

      Smart Toys for Big Kids 

      The Perfect Toy: You 

      Chapter 3

      Start a Toy Manufacturing 

      Create the Design 

      Brainstorm in Detail 

      Sketch the Toy 

      Create a 3D Depiction 

      Create a Prototype 

      Find a Toy Manufacturer 

      Maintain Toy Manufacturing Supply Chain 

      Planning For Toy Manufacturing 






      Get Started Now 

      Chapter 4

      Future of Toy Industry 

      Artificial Intelligence 

      Augmented Reality 

      3D Printers 

      Chapter 5

      Wooden Toys Manufacturing 

      Needed Equipment 

      Benefits of Wooden Educational Toys for Home Education 

      Wooden Toys are Timeless 

      Wooden Toys are Durable 

      Wooden Toys Grow with Your Child 

      Wooden Toys Encourage Imagination 

      Wooden Toys Incorporate Real-Life Skills 

      Wooden Toys are Less Distracting 

      Wooden Toys Encourage Interaction

      Wooden Toys Develop Reasoning Skills 

      Wooden Toys Support Problem-Solving 

      Wooden Toys Improve Hand-Eye Coordination 

      Wooden Toys Build Fine Motor Skills 

      Wooden Toys are Tactile 

      Wooden Toys are Safe 

      Wooden Toys are Quiet

      Wooden Toys are Beautiful 

      Characteristics of Wooden Toys 

      Wooden toys are stable 

      Wooden toys inspire fantasies 

      Wooden toys are sustainable  

      Wooden toys train fine motor skills 

      Wood makes kids happy 

      Wooden toys are cheaper 

      Wooden toys just look good 

      Scenario of Toys in India 

      Production Process 

      Air Drying 

      Shaping Blank 


      Techniques: manual sanding, drum sanding 


      Techniques: spray painting, drum painting 



      Hand Painting 

      Wooden Toys Making Cnc Machine 

      Chapter 6

      Step by Step Guide on Registering a Toy Manufacturing Business 


      What is Manufacturing Business in India? 

      Business structure that can be registered as a Toy Manufacturer Business in India

      Process for starting a Toy Manufacturing Business in India 

      Documents required for starting a Toy Manufacturer Business in India 

      Start-Up India Registration

      Start a Kids Car Manufacturing Business In India 


      The Advancement of Thought 

      STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education 

      Aim to Improve Fine Motor Skills 

      How to Open an Electronic kids car-making business in India

      Create fresh life! 

      Recognize the Need 

      Find a Purpose 

      Preparation of the Business Plan with the Cost & Profit 

      Supplying the Base 

      Applying for a license and permit 

      Machinery for making toys

      The Unit is ready to go 

      The source of energy 

      A return on investment 

      Create a legal entity 

      Chapter 7

      Battery-operated Toy Car Industry

      Requirements to Set Up an Electronic Toys Making Business 

      Market perspective for Electronics Toys

      Come up With an Idea

      Is the Idea Unique and Marketable? 

      Will It Sell? 

      Is It Cost-effective? 

      Is It Safe? 

      Are You Legally Protected?

      Identify Your Target Audience 

      Create The Design 

      Have a Detailed Brain storming Session 

      Prepare Sketches of the Toy 

      Create a 3D Depiction 

      Create a Prototype 

      Find a Factory 

      Supply Chain 







      Get Started Now 

      Raw materials 




      Power source 

      Blow Molding Machine 

      Sewing Machine 


      Chapter 8

      Manufacturing of Plastic Toys 

      Injection Molding Toys 

      Why Should You Choose Injection Molding Toys? 

      Advantages of Injection Molding Toys 

      How Does The Toy Manufacturing Process Actually Work? 

      Why Should You Choose Immould as Your Custom Toy Manufacturer? 

      How Are Toys Made in Factories 

      Mold Casting 

      Injection Molding 

      Plastic toy injection molding 

      Rotational Molding 

      Spray Painting

      Hand Painting 


      Toy Packaging 

      Plastic Toys Making Machine Manufacturer 

      Plastic Toy Manufacturing Machine 

      TONVA HDPE Plastic Toy Car Making Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer 

      Product details 

      Machine characteristic 

      Plastic Toys Cars Injection Machine Plastic Making Machine Cheap Injection Molding Machine 


      Plastic kids toys production equipment line blow blowing moulding molding making manufacturing machine 

      Toy manufacturing machine plastic injection molding machine 

      Essential details 

      High Speed 24 Cavity PET Plastic Water Bottle Cap Making and Cap anufacturing Machine Capping Injection Molding Machine 

      Machine Feature: 

      Technical Parameters 

      Chapter 9

      Toy Manufacturing Process 

      How toys are made? The process starts with market research

      Toy manufacturing – design and prototyping 

      Toy prototype design and making 

      Toy prototype durability and safety tests – quality control 

      Toy manufacturing – legal protection 

      Toy manufacturing – mold production 

      Toy manufacturing - packaging design 

      Toy packaging materials challenge 

      Toy packaging function - transport, stack and re-use

      Toy packaging size matters 

      Toy packaging message - getting kids excited 

      Toy manufacturing - production phase 

      Toy parts and components production 

      Toy assembly 

      Manufacturing capability 

      Chapter 10

      Remote-Controlled Car Technology

      How Does the Remote Control Car Work? 

      Making Power Supplies for the Remote Control Car

      Making the Transmitter (Remote Control) 

      Making the Receiver Circuit

      Choosing the Right Motor

      Choosing the Right RPM for the Motor 

      Debugging the RC Car

      L293D IC

      Power Supply 

      Decoder and Encoder (HT12E/HT12D)

      Chapter 11

      Production of Plastic Toys Technology 

      Modern Development

      Contemporary Age 

      Types of Plastic Toy Molds 

      Key Takeaway 

      Toy factory: the manufacturing 

      Different toy-making techniques 

      Toy manufacturing

      Toys everywhere, toys for everyone

      Processing characteristics and processing technology of plastic toy molds 

      Simulation surface processing technology

      Contouring process 

      Precision casting method forming convex and concave molds

      EDM Process 

      Effective polishing method for cavity surface

      Toys Manufacturing by Injection Molding: 

      Product from Injection molding machine 

      Investment for Injection molding machine 

      Next is the Blow Molding Method 

      Investment for Blow molding machine 

      Investment for industrial sewing machine 

      License for Toys Making Business 

      Benefits of Doing Business in Village

      Chapter 12

      Plastic Doll Manufacturing Technology


      Raw Materials 

      The Manufacturing Process 

      Raw material preparation 


      Decorating the head 

      Dressing and packaging

      Quality Control 


      The Future 

      Chapter 13

      Teddy Bear Manufacturing Technology

      Raw Materials


      The Manufacturing Process

      Quality Control 


      The Future 

      Chapter 14

      Toy Model Kit Manufacturing 

      Raw Materials 


      The Manufacturing Process

      Quality Control 


      Safety Concerns 

      The Future 

      Chapter 15

      STEAM-based Technology of Toys Making

      Advent of Electronic Toys and Games

      Computer Games 

      STEAM based-technology off Toys Production 

      What is S.T.E.A.M. Learning?

      Improve problem solving skills 

      Imbibe creativity at a young age 

      Promote spatial skills 

      Children’s Teaching Assisted Toys Based on STEAM Education 

      STEAM Education

      Current Status of STEAM Educational Toys 

      Design Principles for STEAM Educational Toys 

      Play and Learn

      Development and Cognition

      Purchase and Use 

      Design Method of STEAM Teaching Auxiliary Toys 

      Thematic Design 

      Interactive Design 

      Structural Exploration 

      Application of New Technologies

      Art and Aesthetics 

      Chapter 16

      Soft Toys Manufacturing  

      Steps to Start Soft Toys Making Business 

      Understand the Local Market 

      Create a Business Plan 

      Name your Soft Toy Business 

      Tools & Equipment to Start Soft Toys Making Business 

      Learn Soft Toys Basic Manufacturing Process 

      Promote your Soft Toys Business 

      Market potential and uses 


      Benefits of Soft Toys for Babies 

      Benefits of Soft Toys for Toddlers 

      Older Children & Big Kids 

      Manufacturing & quality control 

      Principles of plant layout 

      Manufacturing Process of soft toys 

      Plant Layout Procedure 

      Principles of Plant Layout 

      Objectives of a Good Plant Layout 

      Factors influencing Facility Layout: 

      Principles of Layout 

      Minimum Movement 

      Uni-direction flow 

      Effective use of available space 

      Maximum Visibility 

      Maximum Accessibility 

      Types of Plant Layout 

      Product Layout 

      Advantages of a good, well planned and designed Layout 

      Labour costs 

      Production control 


      Other manufacturing costs 


      Chapter 17

      Jigsaw Puzzle and Manufacturing

      Raw Materials 


      Backing material 

      Cutting equipment 


      The Manufacturing Process 





      How is Jigsaw Puzzles Made? Artwork

      Cut Pattern

      Making the Printing Plate

      Making the Cutting-Die 



      Cutting Presses 


      Chapter 18

      Paper Toys Manufacturing 

      Global Paper Toys Market 

      Paper Toys Global Position 

      Emerging Scope of Paper Toys Engineering 

      Growing Therapeutic Benefits 


      Tough Competition with Plastic Toys and Technology 

      Global Paper Toys Market - segmentation 

      Global Paper Toys Market of consumer 

      Competitive Leaders 

      Eco-Friendly Paper Toys 

      Paper Toys Market Future 

      Paper Mache Building Blocks Segment Driving Market Growth

      Asia Pacific Shining in the Global Paper Toys Market 

      The Way Forward 

      How to make a paper football 

      Chapter 19

      BIS Compliances, Schemes, and Incentives for Toy Manufacturing 

      Associations and Committees Representing Toy Industries in India 

      Toy Association of India 

      The All-India Toy Manufacturer’s Association

      BIS Compliance 

      The Toys (Quality Control) Order, 2020


      BIS Licence and Certification 


      Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSME) 


      For Toy Manufacturing Entities 

      For MSME’s 

      Chapter 20

      Toy Standards International and National 

      Safety Standards 

      Regional Standard(s) and Regulations 






      European Union 

      Hong Kong 



      Malaysia Safety of Toys 


      New Zealand 

      Saudi Arabia 


      South Africa 


      United States 

      United States Regulations 

      European Regulations 

      Chinese Regulations 

      Safety Testing 

      Toy Standards in the E.U. 

      Obligations of the Toy Manufacturers 

      CE Marking 

      Chapter 21

      Testing and Safety Regulations


      About Toys 

      Types of Toys 

      Construction sets 

      Dolls and miniatures 




      Promotional merchandise 

      Digital toys 

      Physical activity 

      Toy Industry in India 

      General information 

      Toys sales channels 

      Segments of the Indian toy market 

      Indian Toy Market Consumers 

      Toys’ Quality, Standards and Regulation 

      Safety Regulations


      Safety Hazards and Product Recall 

      Ban on Chinese Toys in India

      Toy Safety Regulations in India

      Import of Toys not Meeting BIS Safety Standard not Permitted

      Need for Toy Testing in India

      The Trouble with Toys

      Phthalates are Harmful

      Analysis Related to Toys in India

      Chapter 22

      Plant Economics of Kids Ride on Battery Operated Cars and Bikes Manufacturing Unit 

      Manufacturing of ride on toy car 

      Manufacturing of Car Chasis 

      Manufacturing of Car Body 

      Manufacturing of Car Tyres 

      Manufacturing of Wind Screen 

      Manufacturing of side doors: 

      Manufacturing of Steering 

      Manufacturing of seat 

      Manufacturing of ride on toy bike 

      Assembly of All Toghter with Electrical Connections 

      Manufacturing of Bike Skelton 

      Manufacturing of Bike Tank 

      Quality control 

      Selection of test portions

      Preparation and extraction of test portions 

      Test portion preparation 

      Extraction procedure 

      Plant & Machine 

      Major Challenges to Indian Toy Industry 

      Export Prospects 

      Future of Toy Industry in India

      Swot analysis of indian toy industry 





      Plant Economics 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 23

      Plant Economics of Plastic Toys (Electric And Non-Electric) 


      Major Types of Toys 

      Manufacturing Process Steps & Process Flow Schematic 


      Blow Molding Process 

      Ultrasonic welding process 

      Painting of the toys 

      Electrical Fittings 

      Pad Printing:

      Quality Control 

      Process flow Diagram (Plastic Toys)

      Selection of test portions 

      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 24

      Plant Economics of Remote Car Toy 

      Process Flow Diagram 

      Car Chassis

      Wheel and Tyre 

      Assembling Process

      Manufacturing Process 

      Manufacturing of Car chassis 

      Manufacturing of car body 

      Manufacturing of car tyres 

      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 25

      Plant Economics of Stem Toys Manufacturing Unit 


      Science Toys Manufacturing Process

      Step One - Ideas & Concept

      Step Two - Design & Prototype 

      Step Three - Final project budget 

      Step Four - Making a sample 

      Step Five - Mass Production 

      Toys Manufacturing Details 

      SWOT analysis of toys manufacturers in India 





      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 26

      Plant Economics of Toy Car Manufacturing and Life Size Battery Operated Toy Cars 


      Electric Cars for Kids – Brands 

      Power Wheels 

      Peg Perego 


      Electric Cars for Kids – Power Supplies 

      Power Wheels Replacement Battery 

      Electric Cars for Kids – Safety 

      Choosing the Correct Ride-On Toy 

      Proper Driving 

      Safety Equipment 

      Manufacturing Process of Toys Car 

      Injection Moulding 

      Stages of Injection Moulding 

      The Injection Moulding-Mould 

      Important Features of the Die 

      Blow Molding Process 

      How does the blow molding process work? 

      Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM) 

      Injection Blow Molding (IBM) 

      The difference between EBM and IBM 

      Injection Stretch Blow Molding 

      Assembling of front wheel 

      Right Rear Wheel 

      Dash board and wind shield assembly 

      Assembling the steering wheel 

      Attachment of mirror 


      Important Battery and Charger Information 

      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 27

      Plant Economics of Toys Manufacturing Unit 

      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum 

      Chapter 28

      Plant Economics of Wooden Toys  


      Benefits of Wooden Toys 

      Quality and Safety 

      Develop natural senses 

      Durable, Longevity 

      Good value for money 

      Easy to maintain 


      Manufacturing Process of Wooden Toys 

      Process Flow Diagram 

      Plant Economics 

      Land & Building 

      Plant & Machinery 

      Fixed Capital 

      Working Capital Requirement/Month 

      Total Capital Investment 

      Turn Over/Annum

      How to Make Project Report?

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      Each report include Plant Capacity, requirement of Land & Building, Plant & Machinery, Flow Sheet Diagram, Raw Materials detail with suppliers list, Total Capital Investment along with detailed calculation on Rate of Return, Break-Even Analysis and Profitability Analysis. The report also provides a birds eye view of the global industry with details on projected market size and then progresses to evaluate the industry in detail.

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      Detailed Project Report (DPR) gives you access to decisive data such as:

      • Market growth drivers
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      • Current market trends
      • Market structure
      • Key highlights

      Overview of key market forces propelling and restraining market growth:

      • Up-to-date analyses of market trends and technological improvements
      • Pin-point analyses of market competition dynamics to offer you a competitive edge major competitors
      • An array of graphics, BEP analysis of major industry segments
      • Detailed analyses of industry trends
      • A well-defined technological growth with an impact-analysis
      • A clear understanding of the competitive landscape and key product segments

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