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     Glass  has  many  uses  because  of  its  transparency  high resistance  to  chemical attack, effectiveness as  an  electrical insulator,  and  ability to contain a vacuum glass is  a  brittle material  and  characteristically exhibits  compressive  strength much greater than its tensile strength. Window glass as mentioned earlier.  It was known until the fifteenth century, however  that the use of window glass become general.
     The  term float glass pertains to all glasses produced in  a flat  form,  regardless  of  the  method  of  manufacture  unlike hollowware,  it  was  not  until  the  middle  ages  that   glass glassblowerrs  were  finally successful in taken flat  sheets  of
glass  for windows and further processing. Mechanical  production process were developed which later, effectively after 1920. Today manual  production of flat glasses is the exception  rather  than the rule.
     Toughened  glass is a type of soda-lime-silica glass with  a sheet thickness 4-12 mm.  The sheet has a central tensile  stress of  500-1200 kg/cm2 and a ratio of surface compressive stress  to central  tensile stress of 2:1 to 4:1.  The article is  toughened by  heat exchange with an oil (or chilled air) in which these  is maintained  from 0.01 - 0.07 % liquid.  The boiling point  liquid may be an organic liquid such as carbon tetrachloride,  methanol, benzene,  toluene,  trimethyl alcohol,  ethyl alcohol  or  Xylene etc.

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