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Packaging Industry

Packaging is essential for the preservation and movement of retail, institutional and industrial goods. With changing lifestyles and increased consumerism, packaging has acquired greater importance. It performs four basic functions: protection, containment, dissemination of information and utility of product.

Industry Structure & Market Size
The Indian packaging industry is estimated to be about Rs 860 billion (2010). The industry is highly fragmented and local. This is a low-capital, technology-intensive business and hence attracts a large number of small players. It includes both organised large players (both Indian and international) having pan-India presence and unorganised small and medium size players with local presence.

The organised segment typically caters to major FMCG and pharmaceutical companies who are conscious about quality and the ability to produce different types of packaging products enabling them to target a larger market. Flexible packaging is the largest segment contributing about 33 per cent of the total industry.

Industry Review & Outlook
India‘s packaging industry has grown at a healthy 15 per cent CAGR over the last 3 years. While rigid packaging has grown at a little over 14 per cent, flexible packaging has grown faster at approximately 17 per cent over the past 5 years.

Recent trends show, flexible packaging is gaining share, owing to its better properties and advantages. Rural marketing, which promotes smaller sachets, is one of the key drivers of flexible packaging. Additionally, 8-10 per cent of the flexible packaging products are exported.

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